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Social Crypto Trading Platform Blockport Founders Share Sector Insights & Updates

Sebastiaan Lichter

The social crypto trading platform Blockport plans to launch a multi-stage security token offering (STO) starting in March 2019, with the goal to raise at least 15 million EUR for company expansion. STO Funds are earmarked for establishing operations in the U.S. and other countries,… Read More

World’s Best Crowdfunding on Seedinvest: Making Luxury Lifestyle Accessible

worlds best

World’s Best, a leading online destination for the luxury lifestyle, has launched a capital raise through SeedInvest to expand their offerings and continue to disrupt the luxury shopping model. At this writing, World’s Best, which is offering securities under both Reg D and Reg CF, has… Read More

How To Blow Your Reg D Offering: General Solicitation

how to blow your offering

Welcome to Part 1 of a series discussing the various ways an issuer can easily screw up their offering. In this part, we’ll be talking about general solicitation as it applies to Regulation D (Reg D) offerings. For those that are unaware, Reg D is, for… Read More

Update on Regulation D: Data from 2016 Form D’s

Money US Dollars 100 Benjamin Reg D

It’s been over a year since the SEC’s Division of Economic and Risk Analysis (DERA) published its report on Private Securities Offerings post-JOBS Act. And while since that time, DERA has published more data about Regulation CF and Regulation A, the SEC has yet to… Read More

Indiegogo CEO David Mandelbrot Shares Insight into Equity Crowdfunding Push: “We Have a Lot of Exciting Things Planned for 2017”

Equity Crowdfunding by Indiegogo

Indiegogo entered into the investment crowdfunding sector with a big splash this month. Partnering with MicroVentures, a FINRA approved Reg CF portal and Broker-Dealer, Indiegogo launched with four diverse investment opportunities: BeatStars, Republic Restoratives, Play Impossible, and ArtCraft Entertainment. Three of these offers have hit… Read More

An Explanation of Title II, Accredited Crowdfunding (Video)

Billboard Advertising General Solicitation Online

The JOBS Act of 2012 legalized three different variations of investment crowdfunding. Title III or Reg CF, allows for anyone to invest in smaller companies that are raising up to $1 million.  Title IV, or Reg A+, allows issuers to raise up to $50 million… Read More

AngelList Rolling Out Reg D Investment Platform To Users This Week

angellist logo2 e1356027405404

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that AngelList will roll out it’s investment crowdfunding service to all its accredited users this week. The system has been available in beta form for months now and has reportedly raised over $6 million for 18 companies from 620… Read More

United States: SEC’s Division Of Trading And Markets Grants Relief From Broker-Dealer Registration For Online Platform That Permits Investment In Start-Up Companies


On March 26, 2013, the SEC’s Division of Trading and Markets issued a no-action letter indicating that it would not recommend enforcement action under Section 15(a)(1) of the Exchange Act if a venture capital fund adviser and its management company (collectively, the “fund”) operated a… Read More

On Mary Schapiro’s Legacy


I look forward to talking tomorrow. I have 2 worries – one is that if these guys (CFA, et al) feel this strongly, it seems like we should give them a comment period. Its not really asking for much… The other is that I don’t want… Read More

Crowdfunding Sites Could Help VCs, Accelerators Raise Cash Too

Image courtesy Wikimedia Commons

Sites that enable technology startups to “crowdfund”–tap dozens of small-scale investors for needed capital–could help venture and seed investors raise their own funds online, VentureWire reports today (subscription required). At least one well-known seed-stage fund, Mountain View, Calif.-based 500 Startups, has tried a form of crowdfunding in… Read More

Online Crowdfunding portals enable firms to market Regulation D private placements.

Confident Crowd

Like the entrepreneurs on Kickstarter trying to raise money to sell hot-chocolate cubes or cut an album, later-stage private companies may soon be finding investors online. But will crowdfunding for more-established companies be the bonanza it is for some start-ups? It’s possible, given that the… Read More

2013 – A Brave New World For Startups

Screen Shot 2013 03 11 at 11.19.08 PM

This article is contributed by Sang Lee (@rocsang), CEO and founder of Return on Change, the next generation’s investment crowdfunding portal (www.returnonchange.com). Follow Return on Change @rocspeaks for investment crowdfunding advice and updates. If there’s anything good that came out of 2012 for the finance… Read More

Crowdfunding 101: ‘Reg-D’ vs. ‘Rewards’

Elisse B. Walter Chairman of SEC

Small U.S. investors can donate money to a startup on a crowdfunding site such as Kickstarter, but they won’t get a stake in the company in exchange. Despite changes in federal law, Americans can’t yet legally put money into a startup in an “equity crowdfunding,” an… Read More

The Real Estate Deal That Could Change the Future of Everything

Dan and Ben Miller began tugging two years ago at a simple question they believe is central to the failings of the American real estate industry. The brothers – sons of a well-known Washington, D.C. developer – had begun acquiring properties themselves in the city’s… Read More

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