Igniting a Microbiome Revolution: Era7 Bioinformatics Syncs with Capital Cell


This Capital Cell crowfunding campaign is a unique opportunity to co-invest with an undisclosed VC firm in Era7 Bioinformatics, a Spanish company focused on the revolution of the Microbiome and providing new solutions to address the problem of antibiotic resistance. Era7 Bioinformatics uses its own algorithms and cloud software to analyze billions of bacterial DNA sequences to extract from bacterial genomic and metagenomic big data findings and discoveries relevant for many fields such as Medicine and Human Health, Agriculture, Biotechnology, Biofuels and the Environment. Era7 Bioinformatics has already secured more than 347,063€ of its 600,000€ goal for 20% equity from more than 22 investors. The company’s premoney valuation is set at 2,400,000€ with an estimated 500% ROI.

era7-bioinformaticsThe objective of this round is to fund an expansion plan to grow in the US and to optimize the integration and automation of the biotech firm’s advanced software tools in the cloud that allows to efficient management of an anticipated large increase in sales.

Selected by Google for its program Google Summer of Code 2014, Era7 Bioinformatics already has clients in Europe and the United States, Era7 Bioinformatics has a proven business model. This expansion plan aims to tap into a market that is growing exponentially targeting “every researcher working on Microbiome and also any end user in any of the Microbiome fields of application.”

era7-bioinformatics“The genomics revolution has changed Biology and Medicine. Genomics generates continuously massive data that it is needed to analyze using bioinformatics methods to translate it in comprehensible and ready to interpretation data useful for researchers and clinicians. Bacteria are all over the world: in the air, in the soil, in the plants, in all living organisms. Bacteria are definitively important in Medicine, Veterinary, Agriculture, Environmental sciences, alternative energies field, agrifood…, ” commented Era7 Bioinformatics on the campaign. “We are assisting to a new revolution of the genomics: the Microbiome revolution. The Microbiome is the set of bacteria that live in an organism, in an environmental niche (a lake, a beach, a crop), in a place (your home, a hospital, your mobile phone). To know the Microbiome is very important for health, on one hand for fighting against pathogen bacteria and on the other hand to promote  the beneficial bacteria that maintain a healthy balance in our tissues.”

Founded in 2005 in Granada by Dr. Eduardo Pareja and Dr. Raquel Tobes, the Era7 Bioinformatics team is multidisciplinary covering bioinformatics, mathematics, software development, biochemistry, microbiology, immunology, biotechnology and medicine.  Era7 feels ready to face this Microbiome challenge given its wide experience in Genomics and massive sequencing technologies and its expertise in bacterial genomics and knowledge of how to translate massive data into findings with practical impact.

dr-eduardo-pareja“With this mixed approach we get the best of both worlds, Venture Capital and private investors using crowdfunding. Venture Capital contributes experience and knowledge in the sector in addition to funding, and the crowdfunding opens the possibility to invest to small private investors, democratizing the investment in fast growing biotech startups,” commented Era7 Bioinformatics CEO Dr. Pareja on the startup’s blog. “And with this combination the private investors have double guarantee since our company has been analyzed and validated by a specialized Venture Capital and by the Capital Cell team… There are many reasons to invest in our company but I would mention one: we have an already proven business model and we are already present in the USA market with a high level of acceptation. Now, it’s a matter of scaling and this expansion plan is going to allow us to develop the needed actions to be successful.”

For more detailed information about the Capital Cell campaign, Microbiome research and company data and financials, please click here.  73 days remain on Era7 Bioinformatics campaign.


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