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91M Transactions Per Day Processed By Fastest Blockchain – Research Report

The fastest blockchain has reportedly processed 91M transactions in a day, according to an update shared by CoinGecko. CoinkGecko recently shared a detailed report that examines which network support the fastest blockchain in the fast-evolving Web3 space. According to the report from CoinGecko, Solana has… Read More

Corporate Venture Capital Rebounds in Q1 2024, Driven By $100M+ Mega-Rounds – Research Report

Corporate venture capital funding rebounds in Q1’24, driven by $100M+ mega-rounds, according to an update from CBInsights. CBInsights noted that Corporate venture capital (CVC) had “a solid quarter in Q1’24, with CVC-backed funding increasing by 26% quarter-over-quarter (QoQ), greater than the venture market as a… Read More

Consumers Are Reportedly Willing to Pay 9.7% Sustainability Premium Despite Cost-of-Living and Inflationary Concerns

Consumers are willing to spend an average of 9.7% more on sustainably produced or sourced goods, even as cost-of-living and inflationary concerns weigh, according to PwC’s 2024 Voice of the Consumer Survey, released recently. The survey, which collected “the perspectives of more than 20,000 consumers… Read More

UK Consumers Are Reportedly Expecting to Save More But May Not Be Aware of Applicable Taxes

UK consumers are expecting to save more this year yet are unaware that the interest earned on their savings could result in being eligible to pay tax, according to an update from NatWest. Almost a third (31%) of savers are “expecting to save more and… Read More

Consumers Are Increasinly Being Victimized by Fraudulent Activities on Gig Economy Platforms – Report

More than one-third of American consumers have been victimized by fraud while using gig economy platforms, like delivery and ride-sharing apps, according to a new report from TransUnion (NYSE: TRU). This represents a 21% increase from its last survey of gig-economy consumers in July 2023…. Read More

Payment Cards Still Most Preferred Payments Method for Digital Commerce Transactins in South Korea – Report

Payment cards remain the most preferred payment tool for e-commerce purchases in South Korea, collectively accounting for over half (54%) of the total e-commerce payments in 2023, signifying a strong preference for secure and convenient transactions among the online shoppers, finds GlobalData, a data and… Read More

DeFi Adoption: Uniswap Interface Reportedly Provides Statistically Significant Price Improvements over 1inch for Large Trades

Research from Uniswap Labs proposes a new methodology for measuring price improvements across Order Flow Auctions (OFAs). Uniswap has been an enabler of automated market makers (AMMs) – which have gained significant traction over the past few years. The Uniswap Protocol alone has “processed over… Read More

Digital Banks: Potentially Higher Interest Rates, Lower Fees Lead to New Clients Flocking to Online-Only Direct Banks

Mr. Potter Banker Banking (1)

Driven by the prospect of higher interest rates, lower fees, and around-the-clock access, new customers flocked to digital banks during the past year. This, according to research and key findings shared in a new banking sector report. For the most part, the direct banking institutions… Read More

Digital Assets: Majority of Token Supply for 20% of Cryptocurrencies Has Yet to be Unlocked – Report

Low float crypto account for 21.3% of the top 300 crypto by market capitalization, according to an update from CoinGecko. This means that for 1 out of every 5 large cap crypto, “the majority of their token supply has yet to be unlocked, resulting in… Read More

VC Fundraising Market Remained Slow in Q1 2024 But Valuations Held Steady – Carta Private Markets Report

Carta has released their State of Private Markets: Q1 2024 report. Carta notes that the venture capital fundraising market “remained slow in Q1 2024, but valuations held steady or climbed at almost every stage.” Carta also mentions that the startup fundraising market “got off to… Read More

Global Insurtech Funding Reportedly Falls to Lowest Quarterly Level Since 2018

Global insurtech funding falls to its lowest quarterly level since 2018, according to a report from CBInsights. Despite growth in broader venture funding in Q1’24, insurtech (insurance technology) funding declined 18% quarter-over-quarter (QoQ) to hit its lowest level in years ($0.9B), the CBInsights report reveals…. Read More

Digital Payments: Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand Have Reportedly Implemented Domestic Instant Payment Schemes with Strong Adoption

Many countries have launched or are in the process of launching instant payment rails, which are transforming how payments are made and processed, the researchers at Juniper Research noted. However, one key limitation with national payment rails is “that they can only facilitate payments domestically,… Read More

Cybersecurity Concerns Reportedly Rise Among US Workers with Most Worried About AI in Online Security

Widespread concerns are growing among US employees about escalating cybersecurity threats in the workplace, with 53% worried their organization will be the target of a cyber attack and a third (34%) worried that they may be the ones leaving their organization vulnerable due to their… Read More

UK Jobs Report: Pay Rates Increased for Professional Roles, Candidate Availability Growth Reaches 5-Month High

April’s KPMG and REC, UK Report on Jobs survey, compiled by S&P Global, signaled a further decline in permanent placements made by UK recruitment consultants. There were reports of a heightened caution “amongst clients, with firms reportedly holding back on recruitment.” However, the overall fall… Read More

Malware Impacting Mobile Banking Apps Continues to Pose Significant Risks to Consumers – Report

Kaspersky has released its annual Financial Threats Report for 2023, offering a detailed analysis of the evolving financial cyber threat landscape. The report reveals significant “increases in mobile banking malware and cryptocurrency-related phishing, signaling growing threats to digital financial assets.” 2023 witnessed a substantial rise… Read More

Gen Z Consumers Are Tapping into Credit at Higher Levels than Millennials Have Done, Report Claims

Gen Z consumers are tapping into credit at higher levels than their Millennial counterparts did in the early stages of adulthood (ages 22-24). TransUnion (NYSE: TRU) released these findings at the company’s 2024 Financial Services Summit. The new TransUnion study, Solving for Z, “explored credit… Read More

Digital Assets and CBDC Report Examines Potential Opportunity of Stablecoins in Global Finance

One of the world’s largest asset managers projects that the stablecoin market will tip $3 trillion in the next four years, a 22x leap from today. This, according to an update shared by Ripple Labs. Putting this adoption in context “requires understanding the role stablecoins… Read More

US Businesses Increasingly Adopt Instant Payments Services, Study Finds

U.S. businesses and consumers are rapidly adopting digital, faster and instant payment services, according to studies released by Federal Reserve Financial Services. Digital wallet use saw especially strong growth in 2023 — efficiency-focused businesses increased their use “by 31% over the prior year, and convenience-minded… Read More

US, UK, Philippines Are Reportedly Leading Interest in Small Cap Cryptocurrency Tokens

The US, UK, and the Philippines are reportedly leading overall interest in small cap cryptocurrency tokens, according to an extensive update from CoinGecko. According to the research report from CoinGecko, the most degen country in crypto is the US, which “represented 16.8% of global interest… Read More

AI to Transform Financial Reporting and Auditing, Report Claims

Three-quarters of Australian companies are using or piloting Artificial Intelligence (AI) in financial reporting – and in three years time the number will be 100%, according to a KPMG International survey. The biggest leap will be in the use of Generative AI (GenAI), “currently being… Read More

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