Symbid Announces Several Improvements on Crowdfunding Platform

On Wednesday, Symbid announced several improvements on its equity crowdfunding platform. The update comes less than a month after the funding portal revealed in the first half of 2017 its platform accounted for 27% of all “venture capital” crowdfunding in the Netherlands.

Collectively we have provided many promising businesses with the required funding, to help them grow further. Over the years our experience, but definitely also your experience with investing has grown. More and more professional investors invest via Symbid. Crowdfunding has developed into a serious way of investing, and as a result your requirements and expectations have been growing as well. Certain investors have shared some very useful feedback with us, some positive, but also some points for improvement. Of course we are very grateful for any feedback you can provide for us, so we would like to ask you to please continue to do so. We have been working hard on several improvements and we would like to share what you can expect from us.”

Some improvements include:

  • Education about investing through crowdfunding: This will reveal what investors will expect when investing, the risks, the differences between equity and loan crowdfunding, the importance of spreading investments.
  • Updates from Entrepreneurs: Although entrepreneurs send updates through different channels, Symbid is planning to send an email with the latest updates on all the businesses that investors have invested in.
  • Trading participations: Symbid is currently working with partners to make it easier to trade investor participations.
  • Value of the investments: Symbid will share an update on the value of businesses invested through its platform in fourth quarter 2017

Symbid added:

We continue to work on more improvements and plan to introduce more exciting changes this year, making it more interesting to invest. These will be shared with you soon.”

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