Dash Grows in Accessibility: Lists on London’s Digital Asset Exchange & Broker CEX.IO

Dash, a payments-focused digital currency, announced on Friday that it is now listed on the London-based cryptocurrency exchange CEX.IO, and is available to buy and sell online using a linked bank account. According to Dash, the partnership means its accessibility is greatly enhanced for consumers with pre-established bank accounts and debit/credit cards in most countries around the world, including 20 U.S. states.

Dash revealed that CEX is a FinCEN registered and PCI DSS compliant exchange and broker, allowing users the ability to trade between several digital currencies and fiat pairs, as well as buy and sell digital currencies online via bank transfers or verified bank cards. CEO of Dash Core, Ryan Taylor, stated:

“CEX.IO has a long and respected track record operating in the digital currency space. Their team is highly focused on the safety, stability, and legal compliance of its platform. For Dash users and traders, the integration into CEX.IO represents another great option for them to acquire Dash through bank transfers or with payment cards from a significant number of countries. The site’s “Buy / Sell” feature makes acquiring Dash as easy as making a typical online purchase. We are especially proud to see Dash added as the latest digital currency on CEX.IO’s platform, as they are very selective about the currencies they choose to add. For me, it further validates that Dash is now clearly among the few digital currencies that are relevant for consumers.”

CEX.IO has over one million registered users and notably grew rapidly in popularity due to its market low credit fees and free bank transfers. CEO of CEX.IO Alex Lutskevych, then commented:

“We see Dash as a top rated digital currency so it was really only a matter of time before we joined forces. We really respect the fact that Dash is based on a real decentralized ledger and has such a strong core team and growing community. Dash also features a two-tier architecture of PrivateSend, InstantSend, decentralized governance and a budget system. It’s obvious that Dash matures fast. Most importantly, Dash’s InstantSend function is incredibly impressive; in my opinion, it has already paved the way for and surpassed Bitcoin’s Lightning Network, which will allow for faster Bitcoin transactions to take place. Dash are true standard setters.” 

Starting Friday, CEX.IO will allow users to deposit fiat via credit card or a bank transfer and then use the trading platform to buy or sell or trade against other currencies. Fast withdrawals of USD, EUR, GBP to credit or debit cards will also be available. Soon, CEX.IO will add ‘bundles,’ so that users can seamlessly purchase Dash in $100, $200 or $500 increments via credit or debit cards. Lutskevych added:

“The main deterrent of digital currency to typical investors is time and cost issues associated with access. To buy most digital currencies, people usually need to make a double exchange, for example; like fiat to bitcoin, and then bitcoin to Dash, and it can take an eternity for both transactions to settle. We have solved that dilemma. Greater access to Dash means more adoption, and more ways people can spend it on everyday goods and services or save it. More adoption means more popularity. And more popularity means more value.” 

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