Hedera Hashgraph Demos Super Speedy Blockchain

The Hedera Hashgraph platform is “a new form of distributed consensus.” Unlike many existing iterations of distributed ledger technology, Hedera Hashgraph tackles known shortcomings that undermine the ability to scale to provide “lightning fast” and secure collaborations and transactions minus computer heavy proof of work.

In a demo tonight that was apparently live-streamed by over 80,000 viewers, Hashgraph showed off their new shiny technology that promises to revolutionize the tech that Bitcoin launched in 2008. By incorporating sharding, a technology that is being incorporated by other attempts at speedy Blockchain, Hashgraph is able to meet the needs of global institutional transactions – super important for the financial sector.

Of course, the  network will have a bespoke utility token that grants holders access to distributed applications on the platform. Hashgraph expects the token to act as a unit of value to motivate use and governance of the platform.

More than a Financial Transaction Platform

Beyond the Apple-esque presentation about the new spin on DLT, perhaps the best moment of the entire pitch was the Satori demo near the end. Satori is using the Hedera Hashgraph for the “world’s decentralized AI mesh.”

Think decentralized computing with access to IoT everywhere all of the time in real time as the computational power is immense. The concept is awe inspiring but also harkens to retro thoughts of SkyNet. I wonder if Satori will become self-aware?

Regardless, Hashgraph is stepping things up and moving things towards a distributed technology that can work in the real world, at scale with room to grow. More to follow.

You can replay the event here.


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