Winding Tree Announces Hotel Booking Transaction on Public Blockchain

Winding Tree, an open-source travel distribution platform, announced on Monday it was successfully tested by Hobo Hotel Stockholm, a member of the Nordic Choice Hotels group, completing a hotel booking on a public blockchain and demonstrating a real-world use case the space has not seen yet. The company reported:

“Winding Tree has developed a set of open-source protocols and software solutions that allow travel companies to connect in an open marketplace, providing many of the benefits current intermediaries offer, while reducing their power significantly. Importantly, Winding Tree developers were able to overcome the limitations of public blockchains, thus making it the first and only truly decentralized travel blockchain platform. A hotel or travel provider can choose to accept fiat or crypto on the Winding Tree platform. Payments can be in the form of fiat, credit card, or cryptocurrency (only the Lif token or Ether).  Providers’ ability to accept fiat makes Winding Tree open to a more mainstream audience.”

While sharing more details about the booking, Pedro Anderson, Co-Founder and COO of Winding Tree, stated:

“We’re not just giving customers the option to pay with Bitcoin and saying this is ‘distribution on the blockchain.’ We’re providing a platform that allows the travel industry to create real change within an industry traditionally closed that relies on systems established nearly 30 years ago. The core of the platform is open source and distributed, which creates endless possibilities for real customer use, including lower costs, security, connectivity, and unlimited innovation opportunities.”

Christian Lunden, Director of Future Business at Nordic Choice Hotels, added:

“We’re really excited to be the first hotel to jump onto the blockchain bandwagon, showing real customer use of decentralized technology. We’re committed to supporting Winding Tree as a key player driving innovation in the travel and hospitality space. The ability to make reservations on a public blockchain is a huge achievement, and we’re looking forward to continuing to educating the industry about the importance of incorporating blockchain technology into the space.”

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