SingularityNET Announces Launch of SingularityNET X-Lab Blockchain AI Accelerator

Hong Kong-based AI company SingularityNET announced on Monday the launch of its new SingularityNet X-Lab Blockchain AI accelerator program. According to SingularityNet, the program aims to foster and support promising entrepreneurial teams specializing in the development and application of cutting-edge technologies at the intersection of AI and blockchain.

SingularityNET X-Lab will provide successful applicants with financial backing through AGI tokens to access its AI ecosystem as well as mentorship from senior members of the team. The accelerator will also offer guidance to ventures aiming to raise funds and support for their tech and AI development needs.”

SingularityNET also noted that startups located in the Pearl River Delta Region will be offered office space and on-the-ground support in SingularityNET’s Hong Kong headquarters. Teams located elsewhere will have the option to visit SingularityNET’s Hong Kong office for two to three months as they look to build up their projects to scale on the SingularityNET platform and leverage SingularityNET’s connections in the Greater China ecosystem.

While sharing more details about the program, Ben Goertzel, Founder of SingularityNET, stated:

I have dedicated the last three decades of my life to the development and application of Artificial Intelligence and I’m excited by the prospect of sharing some of the knowledge I’ve accrued with like-minded entrepreneurs and start-ups. Support for good ideas goes beyond merely financial backing — management expertise, marketing support, and knowing when to hire the right candidates are all factors that can make or break a startup, along with various intangible factors that come along when you join forces with other people and organizations with whom you share visions and motivations at the deepest levels.”

Goertzel also explained:

“At SingularityNET we are out to create a great business and technology ecosystem centered around decentralized AI, but we’re also inspired by bigger missions related to the concept of a beneficial Singularity and the long-term well-being of humanity and its future AI mind children.  Working with entrepreneurs who share our grand vision but also have the ability to really execute in practice is one of the most exciting and productive things I can think of doing with my scarce and precious time. My hope is that our new accelerator, as it grows, will support a variety of creative entrepreneurs on their journeys; I expect that all of us will learn a lot through this process!”

Companies and entrepreneurs wishing to take part in the SingularityNET X-Lab Acceleration program can apply by filling out here

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