Blockchain Grants: New Funding Initiatives Announced to Support Software Development on NEO N3

The NEO blockchain developers noted that they are focused on building on a commitment to support application developers who make meaningful contributions to the Neo blockchain ecosystem.

As mentioned in a blog post, Neo has introduced three different grant programs into the Eco Support ecosystem. The programs reportedly include General Grants, Core Developer Grants, and Research Grants.

This year’s release of Neo N3 “signified a transformative leap in Neo’s journey to build the best blockchain for dApp developers,” the update revealed.

The NEO team also noted that they’re “proud of and grateful to the members of the dedicated and growing community of developers around the globe who made this landmark achievement possible.”

The Neo Foundation dedicates “a combined $200 million USD to Eco Support grant initiatives,” the announcement noted while adding that through these initiatives, they “prioritize the success of the Neo blockchain by investing in our most important asset — this community.”

As noted in the update:

“Our new programs join an existing set of thriving initiatives that foster Neo blockchain development efforts large and small.”

These initiatives to date have included three programs:’

The EcoBoost Program “incubates small and medium-sized project teams who develop on the Neo blockchain.” This program works by “building up a partner network to assist Neo-based projects.” EcoBoost includes partners “in areas such as media organizations, Exchange, Wallet, dApp directory, educational organizations, and security.”

Together, the EcoBoost partner network “helps support the full project lifecycle. This help is customized for each individual project,” the update explained. Support may include “assistance such as outreach and publicity; token listings and stimulating liquidity; providing industry resources, etc,” the announcement noted while adding that they are “proud to have boosted numerous successful projects such as O3 Labs, Switcheo, Liquify, and many more.”

The EcoFund Program is “an investment fund established to bring diversified help to the Neo ecosystem while creating long-term value and sustainable returns for the Neo Foundation,” the update noted while adding that the EcoFund invests in private equity and unlisted projects, “manages the fund’s crypto assets, incubates the invested portfolio, and manages projects post-investment.”

The Early Adoption Program is “a short-term jumpstart program that launched in June 2021 and runs through year’s end.” The announcement also mentioned that this program is “designed to encourage developers with promising projects to start building on Neo N3.”

Through this program, Eco Support helps developers “of selected high-potential projects with funding as well as high-priority technical and other support.”

A number of high-potential projects focused on DeFi, crowdfunding, NFTs, translation, gaming, and more “have been accepted into the program this year,” the announcement confirmed.

Current program members “include TOTHEMOON, Humswap, Rentfuse, Defina Finance, Saffron Finance, NekoHit, GhostMarket, Polychain Monsters, and iMe Smart Platform.”

To these successful programs, the NEO team is “pleased add three new programs to round out the Eco Support ecosystem, providing a new level of comprehensiveness to drive continued growth of the most developer-friendly blockchain in the industry.”

General Grants Program

The General Grants Program is designed to “kickstart experienced development teams in contributing to the Neo ecosystem.” The update further noted that the program “focuses on funding development of tools and infrastructure for the Neo N3 blockchain.” Typical funding “can range from US $5,000 to $50,000,” the update revealed.

This program mainly “targets support for teams that can execute outstanding blockchain software development initiatives to improve the Neo ecosystem.” Examples include “developer tools such as SDKs, nodes, layer2 protocols, IDE plugins, and infrastructure protocols.”

Grants are available “for complex new projects as well as for existing projects with major new capabilities or upgrades.”

The update also mentioned that development teams selected for this program “can receive benefits such as funding to help their projects, guidance from Neo core developers and other technical leads, and access to developer community events such as the Neo Community Assembly.”

Core Developer Grants Program

Neo has been “developed through GitHub open-source contributions from the start. Anyone can make contributions (shipping new features, proposing NEPs, submitting patches, improving documentation, etc.) to Neo’s core code base.”

The Core Developer Grants Program “encourages developers who have made outstanding contributions to the Neo core codebase to apply to become Core Developers.”

The announcement further noted that those chosen can “contribute in their own ways to become deeply involved in Neo’s technical and engineering decisions.”

Core Developers “receive a select set of permissions and honors (with accompanying expectations and responsibilities) in areas including GitHub contribution, Neo technical architecture and roadmap design, Neo Project GitHub Management, and public presentation and media engagement on behalf of Neo.”

Core Developers can also “receive a one-year fellowship with a monthly stipend as well as quarterly grants based on actively contributing to selected Neo repositories.”

Research Grants Program

The Research Grants Program “sponsors applied research that will foster continuous growth and development in the blockchain industry.”

The NEO team noted that they “seek applications from pioneering researchers in areas such as universities, research institutes, laboratories, and consultancies.”

As explained in the update, Grant recipients will “demonstrate the ability to bring real-world improvements to the Neo blockchain in areas relevant to the Neo Foundation’s vision and roadmap.”

As mentioned in the announcement, examples “relevant to the near-term roadmap include topics such as cryptography, economic model optimization, interoperability across blockchains, large-scale enterprise adoption, security, and more.”

Typical grant funding can “range from US $10,000 to $100,000.”

NEO added that they “welcome project submittals from talented developers working on a range of infrastructure and modules, application development support, and middleware and applications.”

Currently, the team is prioritizing applications focused on certain key areas. To learn more, check here.

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