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Blockchain Adoption: IOG Founder Charles Hoskinson Outlines New Framework for Cardano Devs, Validators

IOG founder & CEO Charles Hoskinson recently outlined a new framework that will offer new ways for developers and validators to utilize Cardano’s core strengths – and some new Cardano technologies in order “to build their own optimized partner chains.” Partner chains will aim to… Read More

Fintech Deserve, a Credit Card Issuing Platform, Launches Digital Processing Capabilities

Deserve, a mobile-first credit card issuing platform, announced today the launch of new digital processing capabilities on the Deserve platform that can provide direct connectivity for mobile apps or software development kits to the Mastercard network. Financial Institutions of all sizes, “including credit unions and… Read More

Worldcoin Update to Help Create Bridge for Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) Compatible Chain

Contributing Worldcoin developers recently updated the project’s state bridges to use a new architecture that saves gas and enables anyone to easily “create a bridge for any Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) compatible chain.” With the revised architecture, teams can now “develop and operate their own… Read More

Blockchain Firm Neo, Web3Labs to Drive DLT Innovation in Hong Kong via Accelerator Program

Neo contributes almost $8M HKD to nurture start-up projects and foster the development of Hong Kong’s Web3 industry. Winners from Neo’s APAC Hackathon will join “an accelerator program alongside candidates from Hong Kong’s leading Web3 developer base.” Neo, the open-source, community-driven blockchain platform where developers… Read More

DLT Adoption: IOTA 2.0 to Enable “Democratic” and Autonomous Digital Ecosystems

Following IOTA’s ShimmerEVM update last week, the developers have are introducing IOTA 2.0. After a period of research and prototyping, the IOTA Foundation “presents IOTA 2.0, a protocol that encapsulates its vision of digital autonomy for everyone.” The entire architecture of IOTA has reportedly “been… Read More

Circle Introduces Research Initiative to Support Open Source Development Across Crypto, Blockchain, Web3

Circle Research has been launched with a charter “to accelerate and amplify technical innovation within crypto, blockchain, and Web3 through open-source research.” Circle Research’s inaugural open-source contribution, Perimeter Protocol, “offers a new standard for building on-chain credit markets.” Open Source R&D At Circle, they claim… Read More

Dawn Capital Finalizes $700M Raise to Support European Software Initiatives

EU coins money Europe

Dawn Capital notes that this year, software spend globally topped $1 trillion. Less than a decade ago, this figure was reportedly half and by 2050 Gartner estimates it will reach $7 trillion. According to Dawn Capital, It has been “a challenging 18 months for tech,… Read More

Julian Deschler, Co-Founder at Elusiv: Blockchain Professional Comments on Latest Solana (SOL) Ecosystem Developments

MakerDAO co-founder Rune Christensen has submitted a proposal to build the project’s upcoming native chain using Solana’s codebase, which led to Vitalik Buterin selling $580,000 worth of MakerDAO’s MKR token in rebellion. The move may be an indication that ecosystem participants want to explore different… Read More

Web3 and Blockchain Firm Consensys Introduces Pre-Accelerator Program to Support Founders and Decentralized Applications

Web3 software technology company, Consensys, announced the launch of its pre-accelerator program, Consensys Fellowship in order “to support early stage web3 startups.” Consensys has heard a consistent need from web3 builders “for more support for early stage startups who often suffer from an education, mentorship… Read More

Diego Lizarazo of Agoric: Blockchain Professional Comments on How a JavaScript Library Supports Web3 Devs Entering DLT, Smart Contracts Ecosystem

We recently connected with Diego Lizarazo, Director of Developer Relations at Agoric. Recently, Amazon launched Cloud Tools (AMB Access and Query services), which make it easier for developers to create decentralized applications. While this is a step in the right direction, more needs to be… Read More

Blockchain Firm Consensys Introduces MetaMask Snaps, Empowering Users with Platform Customization

Consensys, a blockchain and web3 software company, announces the launch of the first iteration of MetaMask Snaps to the public. MetaMask Snaps is set to improve the way users “interact with MetaMask, the world’s leading self-custody web3 platform, offering them unprecedented control and customization. Snaps… Read More

Zapier Data Report Reveals Key Trends Related to Rise of No-Code Solutions

No-code tools allow anyone to build apps and automate workflows using a visual interface—no coding or technical skills required, the team at Zapier noted in a recent update. According to Zapier, these tools experienced a dramatic rise “in adoption over the past few years due… Read More

MENA Region’s Emirates NBD Makes Equity Investment in Komgo, a Tech Firm Focused on Trade Finance

Emirates NBD has announced it invested in Komgo, a software development and technology services company transforming the trade finance industry. The equity investment was “made by Emirates NBD‘s Innovation Fund, the bank’s corporate venture fund.” Emirates NBD’s corporate venture capital arm will “enable the Group… Read More

DLT Adoption: Built on Cardano, Mithril Prioritizes Security While Improving Chain Synchronization

Built on Cardano, Mithril prioritizes security while “aiming to enhance the efficiency of chain synchronization and state bootstrapping.” As noted in a blog post by IOG, security is of the utmost importance in “any cryptographic protocol for safeguarding the integrity, confidentiality, and authenticity of transactions… Read More

Anthony Leutenegger of Aragon: Blockchain Professional Discusses Launch of No-Code Aragon App, Benefits of DAOs

Anthony Leutenegger, Head of Growth at Aragon, the DAO (decentralized autonomous organization) platform that grows with you and allows users to mint tokens, set governance, and easily onboard members, recently shared his views and insights with Crowdfund Insider. Anthony Leutenegger of Aragon discussed the launch… Read More

Web3 Adoption: Circle Introduces Programmable Wallets as Part of Web 3.0 Services Line

On July 30th, 2015, the Genesis block of Ethereum was created. Eight years later, today Ethereum is the dominant blockchain network “with growing developer interest, lower transaction fees, and faster settlement times.” Yet, fewer than 0.5% of the 100 million developers worldwide “are actively building… Read More

Artificial Intelligence: Passage Raises $6M to Launch AI-Driven Virtual World Builder

Passage reports that it has raised $6 million in order to launch an AI-driven Virtual World Builder. Funds were reportedly raised through private sale of its PASG token and will now “go towards the continuous development of the Passage world building platform, built with Cosmos… Read More

Blockchain Software Applications: Stellar Development Foundation Shares Latest Ecosystem Updates

Concluding the first half of 2023, and the Stellar Development Foundation made significant strides on its roadmap to further its strategy: utility is the growth exponent. To that end, SDF delivered “on the three building blocks: make innovation easy and scalable, win over builders, and… Read More

CBDCs: Brazil’s Central Bank Digital Currency Source Code Might Freeze, Lower User Account Balances, Blockchain Developer Claims

Brazil’s CBDC (or central bank digital currency) codebase could potentially freeze or even reduce funds. This, according to an analysis by a blockchain developer. According to a reports, a blockchain/DLT developer found certain functions that could potentially allow a centralized entity to freeze payments or… Read More

Digital Assets: Alluvial Supports Adoption of Liquid Staking with $12M Series A

Alluvial, a software development company supporting the enterprise-grade liquid staking protocol Liquid Collective, has raised $12 million in its Series A financing round. The investment round is “co-led by Ethereal Ventures and Variant, with participation from Brevan Howard Digital, Avon Ventures, Nascent Capital, a_capital, Robot… Read More

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