Seira Yun: Founder and CEO at Socious, a Fintech / Community App for Social Change, Explains How they Aim to Improve Lives

We recently connected with Seira Yun, the Founder & CEO at Socious, a Fintech/Community App for social change.

Seira Yun, a Japanese serial social entrepreneur, full-stack developer, and impact angel investor told Crowdfund Insider that he’s interested in getting more involved in the decentralized/distributed autonomous (DAO) space.

As noted by its management, Socious (founded by Yun) is a community app for supporting social change. Their mission is to “connect people to accelerate social change”. Many people have expressed an interest in contributing to social impact initiatives. However, few of them can actually do so, according to the team at Socious.

They explained that they leverage this “untapped” or unrealized potential by helping people with contributing to society “in an easy, fun way through a purpose-driven community app, AI recommendations, and blockchain-based community currency.”

The Socious app is designed to assist anyone who has “a passion for social change contribute their time to social impact projects in an easy, fun, and fulfilling way.”

Socious helps them “connect with like-minded people and effortlessly join social impact projects.” You may learn new skills and build your portfolio while “contributing to a social cause.”

The project’s founders confirmed that they offer blockchain or distributed ledger tech (DLT)-based tokens when you “contribute your time to social impact projects.” These digital tokens may be exchanged “for socially conscious products within the community.”

As noted by the Socious team, existing social media uses personal data by just collecting and selling it without the owners’ consent. On Socious, you – not those firms – “are the owner of your data and you can sell it to whomever you please through our blockchain-based platform.”

The team further explained that they aim to “create a circular economy where all activities -whether you join social impact projects or buy socially conscious products – contribute to solving social problems.”

These activities aim to “reinforce each other, grow [their] community, and accelerate social change.”

Notably, Socious has been accepted to the “Microsoft for Startups” program supported by Microsoft Corporation. With this, they will enhance their AI recommender engine with the support of Azure and other technologies, and “accelerate the development of [their] decentralized community app for social change.”

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