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Lumerin Integrates with Portal DEX for Decentralized Bitcoin Mining and Cross-Chain Hashpower Trading

Lumerin, a “decentralized” Hashpower Marketplace built on Arbitrum that has built technology to make Bitcoin hashrate a liquid asset allowing for global access to peer-to-peer, decentralized hashrate trading, announced a new integration with Portal, the “trust-minimized,” cross-chain swaps that involve no bridges, custody or wrapping…. Read More

Ram Ramachandran from Router Protocol Discusses Why Privacy and Security Are Essential for Blockchain Platforms

We recently caught up with Ram Ramachandran, the CEO at Router Protocol, which supports building an interoperable Web3 with modular cross-chain infrastructure. Ram Ramachandran commented on what can be done to help regain users’ privacy and security in Blockchain in 2024. Ramani Ramachandran, CEO of… Read More

Decentralized Applications (dApps) Ecosystem Reaches 5.3 Million Daily Unique Active Wallets – Report

2024 kicks off in the shadow of the approaching Bitcoin halving, casting a wave of “optimism” across the Web3 industry, according to an update from DappRadar. With on-chain metrics signaling a “positive trend,” the start of the year, despite its highs and lows, sketches an… Read More

Binance Labs Invests in Puffer to Enable Decentralized Liquid Restaking

Binance Labs, the venture capital and incubation arm of Binance, has invested in Puffer, a decentralized and permissionless native liquid restaking protocol (nLRP) that combines Ethereum liquid staking with native restaking on EigenLayer. The invested funds will be used “to develop Puffer’s open-source technologies, its… Read More

Injective, a Blockchain for Web3 Finance Apps, Announces Volan Chain Upgrade

Injective, a blockchain for Web3 finance applications, announced its Volan chain upgrade, marking its “largest” mainnet upgrade to date. Injective has introduced a Real World Asset (RWA) Module, offering a new approach “to creating and managing permissioned assets with extensive customization options.” This module enables… Read More

Blockchain Platform IOST Reports Mainnet Surpassing 300 Million Block Height and 800K Accounts

The mainnet serves as the fundamental backbone of any public chain ecosystem, playing a pivotal role in “shaping its development,” according to an update from IOST. IOST’s mainnet was officially “launched on February 25, 2019. Over the course of the past four years since its… Read More

Blockchain Adoption: Polkadot Creator Gavin Wood Shares End of Year Insights, Decentralization Remains Key Theme

Gavin Wood, an Ethereum co-founder who has focused on Polkadot noted that we are seeing a global return to normalcy and resurgence of (in-person) events with it (even though various of COVID still seem to be affecting a significant number of people despite vaccinations being… Read More

DeFi Adoption: Folks Finance Selects LI.FI to Enable DEX Integrations for Cross-Chain Lending Protocol

Folks Finance has chosen LI.FI in order to power the swaps and DEX integrations for its upcoming cross-chain protocol. Set to launch in Q2 2024, the expansion from Folks Finance will aim to “introduce a unique hub-and-spoke model to DeFi lending, seamlessly unifying multiple blockchains… Read More

Crypto and Blockchain Insights: a16zcrypto Shares Developments They’re Looking Forward to Exploring in 2024

VC firm Andreessen Horowitz has shared a comprehensive crypto-assets and blockchain ecosystem update / recap as we all get ready to enter “a new era of decentralization.” According to a16z, we keep seeing over and over again that when control of a powerful system or… Read More

Blockchain Adoption: Cardano (ADA) Developers Seek Feedback Regarding Progress Toward Intoducing CIP-1694

The Cardano (ADA) community can voice their opinion on the progress toward rolling out CIP-1694 in a Cardano Ballot planned for December 1, 2023. The feedback received is described as a sort of a “temperature check” on “the progress thus far and will inform the… Read More

Loss of Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao Considered a “Wake-Up Call” for Crypto, According to Industry Professional

Stefan Rust, CEO of independent economic data aggregator Truflation, says that the resignation of Binance founder Changpeng Zhao or “CZ” as part of the exchange’s settlement with US authorities marks a “sad” day that should “serve as a clarion call for the build-out of decentralized… Read More

Digital Assets: Ledger Live App Now Includes Morpho, a Decentralized Lending Protocol

Morpho, a decentralized lending protocol, has joined the Ledger Live app, enabling users to access optimized crypto lending and borrowing rates through Ledger’s secure ecosystem. Morpho is a peer-to-peer layer built “on top of lending pools like Compound or Aave, designed to improve the capital… Read More

Ethereum Adoption: Fintech Platform Ramp Partners with Linea, a zkEVM Rollup for Scaling ETH dApps

Ramp, a financial technology company building payment rails connecting the crypto economy to the global financial system, announced a partnership with Linea, a developer-ready zkEVM rollup for scaling Ethereum dapps. This collaboration combines Linea Network’s blockchain technology “with Ramp Network’s robust global payments infrastructure.” In… Read More

Sunny Lu, CEO at VeChain: Industry Professional Reveals How DLT Platform Contributes to Web3 Ecosystem Development

Sunny Lu, CEO at VeChain, recently shared key insights exclusively with Crowdfund Insider. Recently, Vechain hosted its first Hackathon at Harvard University on the 7th and 8th of October. Following a selection from over 10,000 applicants, the 36-hour coding and collaboration event brought together 200… Read More

Blockchain Adoption: The Reserve Protocol Deploys on Base, an Ethereum (ETH) L2 Environment

The Reserve Protocol is now live on Base, marking its first expansion beyond the Ethereum mainnet. This update matters because it aims to empower accessible innovation. As noted in a blog post by the Reserve Protocol team, the “low-cost,” and developer-friendly Ethereum L2 environment launched by… Read More

Web3 Adoption: OKX Ventures Invests in Aark Digital, dappOS, 0xScope, Covering L2 Derivatives, Operating and Knowledge Graph Protocol

During the past month, the crypto industry has experienced rapid growth. OKX Ventures has identified several scenarios where significant progress has been made: SocialFi has introduced “remarkable” products. Friend.tech has reportedly “generated over 10,000 ETH in revenue, with a TVL surpassing 30,000 ETH.” Their total… Read More

API3 Provides Decentralized Data Feeds to Base, a Coinbase incubated Ethereum L2 Solution

API3’s managed dAPIs are available on Base. Developers on Base can now “access over 120 verifiable, decentralized data feeds powered by first-party oracle nodes, which are operated directly by the data providers.” Base is an Ethereum L2 solution incubated by Coinbase that is “built on… Read More

ZorroSign, a Data Security Solutions Provider, Integrates with Provenance Blockchain

ZorroSign, Inc., a global firm focused on data security solutions built on blockchain, today announced its advanced integration with Provenance Blockchain, the decentralized blockchain purpose-built for financial services “with over $8 billion in real-world financial asset total value locked (TVL).” This crucial integration allows ZorroSign… Read More

Digital Asset Custody Firm Copper Enhances Stellar Network Integration

Copper.co, one of the industry’s leading digital asset custodians, is pleased to announce an enhancement to its existing integration with Stellar, a decentralized, open-source blockchain network designed to connect the financial systems and democratize economic participation. This enhancement allows institutional clients to trade an even… Read More

Web3 Adoption: Consensys, Protocol Labs to Enable Innovators via Scale Startup Program

Consensys announced a partnership with Protocol Labs aimed to support leading blockchain ventures and startups through Consensys Scale (formerly Consensys Startup Program). Builders in the Scale program now have access to Protocol Labs’ experience in “supporting hundreds of founders in their entrepreneurial journey.” Protocol Labs… Read More

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