Aazzur and Treezor Enter Banking-as-a-Service Partnership

Aazzur has reportedly agreed to a sales partnership with European Banking-as-a-Service (BaaS) platform Treezor in order to allow both companies to expand their customer base and strengthen their BaaS offering.

Treezor will offer its regulatory and technical expertise by providing its payment infrastructure for account and card management, meanwhile, AAZZUR will be providing front-end layers, integration, as well as value-added products so that it can offer front-end and wealth / sustainability value-added services.

Berlin’s AAZZUR is a BaaS integrator which allows service providers to create  Smart Finance Blocks to deliver banking services on various devices.

French fintech Treezor claims to be a leading European BaaS provider which enables companies to streamline their banking solutions by outsourcing their payment requirements, (anything from acquiring to issuing).

Its modular “One-Stop Shop” product offering embeds key aspects of a banking project: tech, regulation, and security. It has been designed to facilitate the technical management of payments, enhances the user experience, and speeds upthe time-to-market of initiatives  – be it a neobank, a card program (for mobility, social benefits, young adults and so on), a sustainable finance project, a crowdfunding platform, or a marketplace.

The firms will now aim to create an integrated payment solution for businesses planning to enter the next-gen of banking – with Treezor offering the regulation, security and infrastructure and AAZZUR improving the customer experience.

AAZZUR CEO Philipp Buschmann stated:

“We’re excited to work with Treezor to provide the best experiences for end customers. We only work with the best-in-class BaaS providers and adding Treezor’s years of experience to AAZZUR’s offering will be a huge benefit to our customers.”

Florian Ertelt, Head of Sales Germany, Treezor, remarked:

“We are happy to be starting our partnership with AAZZUR. Treezor’s products combine well with AAZZUR’s for quick-to-market fintech solutions and embedded finance services.”

As covered recently, Treezor has obtained authorization from the ACPR in order to expand its activities and now “has all the payment service licenses (from 1 to 8).”

The new authorizations (i.e. 1, 4, 6, 7 and 8) mean Treezor may now provide:

  • cash deposits with a network
  • execution of payment transactions carried out with a payment card or a similar system
  • associated with a credit facility
  • execution of transfers associated with a credit facility
  • fund transfers
  • payment initiation service
  • account information service

These new payment services “enrich the offer that Treezor has been providing since 2016, making the BaaS champion the first French Payment and Electronic Money Institution with all the payment services licenses.”

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