Entain Introduces Syntropy Global Routing Protocol to Support Metaverse Expansion

Syntropy, a Web3 connectivity firm, and Entain, which claims to be one of the largest sports betting and gaming companies, announced the successful implementation of Syntropy’s relay network with its “decentralized autonomous routing protocol (DARP), connecting the data centers across the globe.”

Syntropy’s DARP technology “detect performance problems and immediately switches to an alternative, best-performing path.”

The Syntropy Relay Network “runs on top of the public internet and is fully programmable.”

This global digital fabric “creates a network of networks composed of the best-connected ISPs, clouds, data centers, and devices, ensuring the best possible performance and security.”

Syntropy’s blockchain-powered tech “solves the fundamental issues with the internet.”

Domas Povilauskas, CEO at Syntropy, stated:

“With many exciting Web3 and Metaverse projects in the making, we have to face the fact that the current internet infrastructure and routing protocol was not designed for performance optimization which is a fundamental requirement to make digitally immersive experiences a reality. Syntropy’s open, decentralized technology overcomes this technological roadblock. Entain’s forward-looking networking team recognized the need for a Web3-ready connectivity system as they move into entertainment in the metaverse and NFTs.”

Prior to deployment, Entain conducted a technical proof of concept (PoC), “revealing that the default internet path suffered a substantial latency increase with spikes over 1500ms for 35 minutes, which rendered the connection unusable.”

Without any human intervention, Syntropy’s DARP technology immediately “detected the performance problem and switched to an alternative, best-performing path immediately.”

Domas Povilauskas, CEO at Syntropy, remarked:

“Due to the success of the technical PoC with Syntropy’s technology, Entain decided to become a customer and is already planning a rollout across the rest of its global footprint, including its 40+ geographically dispersed private data centers. We are thrilled to be a partner and support their expansion into the metaverse.”

Entain’s success with Syntropy Relay Network “shows how the technology can easily be deployed by an enterprise network and managed through Syntropy Stack.”

This collection of tools and libraries enables enterprises “to seamlessly create, automate, scale, and optimize encrypted connections between any devices or services running on a cloud, on-premise, or edge location.”

Leveraging the encryption layer of Syntropy Stack, Syntropy Relay Network introduces “a crucial layer of programmability with enhanced encryption-based security that is critical for enterprise adoption.”

According to Markus Röglsperger, Head of Network, Datacenter, and Infrastructure Automation, Entain:

“Syntropy’s segment-routing approach goes beyond the scope of traditional SD-WAN solutions and perfectly fits to our strategy to connect all Entain’s worldwide distributed sites only over the internet. Instead of relying on Internet Service Providers where Entain must give up control once a packet leaves the private network, Syntropy’s Relay Network continues to optimize Entain’s traffic while in transit all the way to the destination. This not only significantly reduces packet-loss and round-trip-times, but also saves a lot of time previously spent on troubleshooting issues between various service providers”

Syntropy claims to be “a transformative, user-centric connectivity system that meets the voracious network demands of Web3.”

It is designed “to solve issues prevalent in the current internet framework, including performance, privacy, governance, and ineffective resource utilization.”

Syntropy utilizes “a combination of innovative technologies, including blockchain, encryption, performance routing, and an economic model that enables and fosters the creation of a more reliable, secure and faster-performing internet experience for all.”

Entain plc (LSE: ENT) is one of the largest sports-betting and gaming groups, “operating both online and in the retail sector.”

Tax resident in the UK, “with operations in a total of 31 regulated or regulating territories, the Group employs a workforce of more than 25,000, in 20 offices across five continents.”

In the US the Group operates BetMGM, a joint-venture with MGM Resorts, “created to capitalise on the opportunities presented by the regulation of sports betting and gaming.”

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