Naoris Protocol Teams Up with Router, the Infrastructure Protocol Supporting Multi-Chain Communication

Naoris Protocol, the blockchain and AI-based “decentralized” cybersecurity mesh that restores cybersecurity across all sectors of the economy, is partnering with Router Protocol, the cross-chain infrastructure layer that “enables communication between blockchains.”

Router Protocol is “a modular layer and cross-chain bridge that connects different blockchains and allows interactions to occur between them.”

As the blockchain space matures, Router is designed “to mitigate the risk of liquidity being fragmented across the blockchain universe, for example, with such chains as Polygon, Algorand, Avalanche, and Solana.”

With the rapid growth of various blockchains, there is “an urgent need for different chains to talk to each other through bridges and other forms of connectivity.” Router Protcol’s unique selling point is that they can “provide cross-chain communication across EVM (Ethereum Virtual Machine) and non-EVM chains, as well as layer 1 and layer 2 networks.”

Naoris Protocol is “scaling the Decentralized Cybersecurity Mesh to protect every device in the digital world, allowing networks to defend themselves from cyber-attacks using disruptive Swarm AI and Blockchain technology.”

Naoris Protocol is designed “to reduce cyber security risks and costs significantly, addressing the staggering $10 trillion global opportunity, which is the projected cost of cybercrime by 2025.”

By converting traditionally untrusted network devices into a swarm of cyber-trusted validator nodes, Naoris Protocol “makes networks stronger as they grow, not weaker.”

Powered by a tokenized cyber-secure machine-to-machine economy, single points of failure are “converted into multiple points of defense that identify risks in real-time under consensus.”

Naoris Protocol is also “complementary — traditional cyber tools can operate freely without being in competition.”

Naoris Protocol will “integrate its Decentralized CyberSecurity Mesh with Router Protocol’s modular cross-chain bridge technology, providing a cyber-secure and validation layer across all devices protecting Router Protocol’s bridging.” By securing cyber integrity, Router’s devices can “communicate securely and safely whilst being protected from the vulnerabilities that Web3 inherits from Web2 by default.”

David Carvalho, CEO, and Founder of Naoris Protocol, said:

“We are super excited to partner with Router Protocol who are providing crucial bridging services for the growing blockchain space, we see our partnership as pivotal in being able to support Router’s infrastructure, providing trust and security to their technology through our Decentralized CyberSecurity Mesh.”

For more details, check here.

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