Coinbase Cloud Introduces Solana Archival Nodes to Support Software Developers

Coinbase Cloud’s Solana Archival Nodes are able to “examine historical address balances, run complex queries, and simulate the blockchain state at any given point in the chain’s history.”

Coinbase Cloud previously “launched secure, dedicated Solana infrastructure nodes via Query & Transact, allowing builders to access and verify data and transaction information from the Solana blockchain.”

Coinbase Cloud is now “expanding that offering with the launch of Solana Archival Nodes. Managing archival nodes in a scalable way is technically challenging due to Solana’s high throughput design (~2–3 blocks/sec) and large data footprint (~100TB for all historical data).”

The team Coinbase (NASDAQ:COIN) is looking forward to “helping to empower developers to build better products and services that contribute to the growth of the Solana community.”

Solana Archival Node Highlights:

  • Built for builders: Solana builders can let Coinbase Cloud do the heavy lifting and access the archival data they need.
  • Built with Solana expertise: Coinbase Cloud’s Solana archival node infrastructure is built with deep understanding of the Solana network. We operated one of the first validators on Solana on the Tour de Sol testnet, and have since been running validator and read/write node infrastructure.
  • Cloud-based, reliable infrastructure: Coinbase Cloud’s multi-cloud, multi-region infrastructure is architected to minimize downtime risk, and let you access data without skipping a beat.
  • Security-first: Coinbase Cloud’s infrastructure is built to meet or exceed the security needs of highly regulated institutions.
  • Designated support: Our engineers and customer success team are ready to assist you in managing your infrastructure.

Solana is “an open source, high-performance, permissionless blockchain that uses highly scalable technology to prioritize transaction throughput, the ability to process a large number of transactions in a short span of time.”

Solana is currently able “to process more than 50,000 transactions per second.”

Secure, reliable, and easy-to-use infrastructure “is critical for the continued flourishing of the Solana ecosystem.” Solana’s high throughput capacity “is well-suited for many use cases including trading.”

The high throughput capacity also “requires expertise in developer operations and hardware selection to run a performant node.” Nodes reportedly “require powerful hardware, extremely high bandwidth, and significant protocol expertise to manage participation.”

Coinbase Cloud has “collaborated closely with the Solana team to support the network as it is growing and scaling securely.”

They operated “one of the first nodes in Tour de Sol, Solana’s incentivized testnet.”

Since mainnet beta launch, they have helped their clients “manage the complexity of participation with secure, tested validator infrastructure run by seasoned protocol engineers and specialists.”

Now, they are expanding their Solana offerings to include their Solana Archival Nodes to “empower developers interested in building on the blockchain.”

For more details on this update, check here.

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