Metaverse GameFi Project Metaisland Joins Neo Global Development EcoBoost Program

Neo Global Development (NGD) has accepted Metaisland into the EcoBoost program.

The multiplayer metaverse GameFi project is “the fourth project to join the EcoBoost program in 2022.” Through EcoBoost, Neo will “provide support and incubation opportunities to help the project enter the market.”

In 2021, NGD focused on “building partnerships through the Neo Early Adoption program. This program came to a successful finish in December.” In 2022, NGD is “building new partnerships through the EcoBoost program.”

NGD has “dedicated $200 million USD to support the program.” The purpose of this program is to “build out a network of partners who can support Neo-based projects across the project lifecycle.”

Metaisland is “a multiplayer metaverse GameFi project taking place on a tropical island reminiscent of the series LOST.” The gameplay is “similar to Uncharted, with an engaging storyline and using blockchain technology at its core.”

It creates a virtual economy where players “can own, rent, tip others, and spend crypto in the game.” It is possible “to collect crypto, mine it, get rewarded, stack it, and finally swap the benefit of playing to an exchange to convert it to fiat.”

Some players may “generate a passive income by playing.” Metaisland™ will “use NFT to provide unique abilities, items, and skins to the player through its online and in-game marketplaces.”

Metaisland is “programmed with Unreal Engine 5.”

The game uses “the latest AAA gaming graphic features available, and the characters use more than 150 different animations.” The design team “is prioritizing bringing real art into the game, with quality orchestral music created specifically for the game, incredible visuals, and emotional storytelling.”

Metaisland strives “to create a nontoxic Metaverse environment with no spying, no ads, and no data collection.”

Each island has “a maximum of 1000 players and is decentralized.” Each island admin “is free to set and enforce their own rules for their own players. Players will be able to easily collect the money they earn in the game.”

The Metaisland team seeks “to launch the project within two years and be able to take users into their Metaverse at that time.”

Currently, the team is “working on building their community organically. They will do NFT pre-sales to prepare the listing of the ISL token (ERC-20) in some of the major centralized exchanges.”

The team plans “to release a basic demo in September, after which they will add new project features such as dialogs, combats, training map, tournaments with the support of the Guilds, magic, staking, liquidity pools, NFT gifts, etc.”

Nicolas Choukroun, the author of Metaisland, said:

“Neo was unfailingly patient and supportive throughout the six months that I was building up a financial team and partnerships, even when it was hard. This created a special bond between Neo and the project Metaisland. This is a win-win partnership. I think that Neo and Metaisland™ will both benefit from this collaboration. Neo is an underrated blockchain, and this program has the power to change that. EcoBoost also has the draw to bring many projects to the Neo blockchain.”

Choukroun added:

“Neo N3 represents a major step forward into the world of Web3. I am excited to connect with the Neo community, which has proven to be long-lasting and resilient. I am convinced that Neo will help our project. In return, Metaisland will introduce Neo to our millions of gamers and investors, some of whom will be new to crypto and will learn about Neo because of its native integration inside our Metaverse.”

John Wang, Director of EcoGrowth at Neo, said:

“Metaisland is an innovative project in the crypto world that shows great potential to attract users through its fine gaming production and development. We look forward to working together to introduce Neo to the potential gamers and investors of Metaisland. Through the EcoBoost program, Neo will also provide support and incubation opportunities to help the project to land on the market.”

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