Startup NachoNacho Helps SMBs Save on SaaS Spend

Nachonacho, an “exclusive” B2B SaaS Marketplace and spend management solution used by “thousands” of SMBs, recently announced a newly rebranded SaaS marketplace “featuring top SaaS products at up to 30% discounts (lifetime).”

NachoNacho’s goal is “to harmonize the subscription economy by reducing friction and waste both for businesses as Buyers and SaaS vendors as Sellers.”

As the subscription economy grows exponentially, various inefficiencies and dysfunctionalities “have become obvious – the industry calls it SaaS Sprawl.”

High-growth companies “subscribe to an average of 254 apps across multiple departments, creating an abundance of shadow IT, with only 45% being used regularly.”

The result “is duplicate subscriptions (an average of 3.6 per company), little transparency amongst team members’ app subscriptions, and hard-to-cancel subscriptions after “free trials.””

This is simply because the SaaS purchase and management experience “are disconnected in the first place.” Remote work has “made the SaaS management process even less transparent.”

Companies waste, “on average, 30% of their SaaS spend and lots of time managing their SaaS stack.”

SaaS spending is “the 3rd highest cost center for businesses.” As the economy slows, revenues fall, and fund-raising gets significantly more challenging, many small businesses “struggle to identify areas to cut spending without cutting headcount.”

Companies bleeding cash unnecessarily “often overlook an area like spend management, which possibly would allow them to avoid resorting to layoffs if appropriately managed.” These layoffs have many “overlooked disadvantages for any company.”

NachoNacho CEO Sanjay Goel said:

“As much as the subscription economy is irreversibly upon us, various inefficiencies and dysfunctionalities need to be addressed to make it a joyful and universally productive force. NachoNacho is creating a movement that addresses those issues while accentuating its positives.” 

NachoNacho’s newly rebranded marketplace and spend management solution “was created to help companies combat the many problems associated with SaaS Sprawl by providing a better way to manage SaaS products, discover new tools, and save in the process – similar to Amazon’s marketplace model for consumer goods.”

NachoNacho claims that it empowers thousands of small and mid-sized businesses “to save money & time by helping them take control of their SaaS stack and helping them find and save on exciting & relevant software tools to do more, better, quicker, and cheaper.”

NachoNacho allows small businesses “to manage existing subscriptions with secure virtual credit cards in one company-wide account.”

The newly rebranded website will “allow SMBs to save on SaaS and manage their spending better.” It also “enables SaaS sellers to acquire customers at a lower CAC, another important cost-saving measure for companies likely cutting their marketing budgets.”

The NachoNacho marketplace will soon “unveil a software-focused community forum to help business leaders make better buying decisions by connecting with their peers who have ‘confirmed buyer’ status.”

NachoNacho rebranded marketplace is “available at for all startups, SMBs, and SaaS sellers.”

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