Ethereum Staking After Merge: Launchnodes Introduces Geth Nodes for ETH Staking

Launchnodes recently announced the rollout of Geth Nodes for Ethereum staking on AWS, following Ethereum’s successful ‘Merge’ in late September 2022.

Using Geth nodes (execution layer clients) on AWS is “a cheap and easy way to enable staking through any consensus layer client when staking Ethereum.”

Launchnodes charges zero commission. The company “provides pre-synced Geth nodes for an hourly or annual price, making it faster for engineering teams to start staking and making existing staking infrastructures more resilient.”

Geth nodes are now “available on AWS Marketplace with a free trial and a low hourly or annual cost, allowing users to solo stake Ethereum securely via a fully independent and flexible infrastructure.”

With Ethereum having now transitioned to a Proof of Stake network through the Beacon chain, individuals and institutions stake ETH “by running both execution layer and consensus layer clients.”

Launchnodes simplifies this process by “providing the execution layer client in the form of a pre-synced Geth node that all or any consensus layer client can then use.” These consensus layer clients can run on public cloud infrastructures, “such as AWS and GCP, in private data centres, or in any other hosting environment.”

As explained in an update shared with CI, “to stake ETH on any consensus layer client requires the presence of an execution layer client.” The most useful execution layer client currently available is Geth, “for two main reasons – it is one of the most extensively used clients, and it has a deep developer community that regularly updates the client and provides strong supporting documentation.”

Using a Launchnodes’ pre-synced Geth client on AWS is “the best solution for all but the most experienced blockchain users, allowing to sync their staking infrastructure quickly, reducing the time from days to hours.”

Running a pre-synced Geth node on AWS “allows users to stake ETH more easily and at a lower cost than using their own infrastructure.” This method also “offers users the chance to choose their consensus layer client or run a mix of different clients easily and with higher levels of resilience.”

Customers can also “use Launchnodes’ Geth node to build highly resilient staking architectures using their own data center infrastructure if they prefer.” With Geth being mission-critical in any Ethereum staking operation, “having a high availability instance synchronised and ready in a short period of time, empowers users’ technical teams to keep staking validator nodes 100% effective for maximum gains.”

In either instance, Launchnodes reportedly “takes no staking commission from clients.” Instead, it provides software and professional services to clients so they “can run their own nodes, ensuring they retain all their returns from their staking activities.”

Launchnodes was “founded in 2020 to provide non-custodial, enterprise-grade Ethereum solo staking services on AWS, Azure, GCP and on clients’ own hardware.”

The company’s focus is on “bringing Ethereum solo staking to the masses through a modular approach – offering a broad variety of staking options and allowing users to pick the ones they want.”

This empowers customers “to be true solo stakers – with their own nodes, maintaining full custody, deciding on the hosting and hardware – with Launchnodes to provide purely background support, or as a fully managed service.”

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