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Obligate and Mikro Kapital to Enable Bond Issuance on Base, an Ethereum L2 Incubated by Coinbase

Obligate announces a new digital bond issuance by Mikro Kapital, one of the  international groups of companies engaged in supporting small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in emerging markets. This move marks the first deployment on Base, an Ethereum L2 incubated by Coinbase, for Obligate. Mikro… Read More

Digital Assets Report: Stablecoin USDT Dominates Centralized Exchange Volumes as USDC Trading Pairs Gain Large Presence Across Spot Markets

In the latest Coin Metrics State of the Network, the researchers take a data-driven look at the most important events that impacted the digital assets industry in Q1 2024. The demand and strength of inflows into bitcoin exchange-traded products “have been unprecedented, catching many by… Read More

Ethereum Layer 2 Blockchain LightLink Raises $6.2 Million Seed Round

Ethereum Layer 2 blockchain LightLink has closed on a $6.2 million seed round, according to a note from the company. The funding came from MH Ventures and NxGen as well as several “high-profile individual crypto investors.” LightLink aims to provide dApps and enterprise users with… Read More

Paxful to Support Ethereum Around the World

Payments and transfers provider Paxful says they will now support Ethereum in more than 150 different countries. Paxful was founded in 2015 and reports more than12 million users globally. Paxful offers traders access foreign and digital currencies using more than 450 on-ramps. Roshan Dharia, Paxful… Read More

Ethereum (ETH) Staking Now Supported via Ledger and Figment Partnership

The team at Figment is pleased to announce a continuation of our collaboration with Ledger, bringing Ethereum staking to the Ledger Live application. This collaboration gives ETH token holders “the ability to stake their Ethereum in increments of 32, directly through their Ledger devices.” The… Read More

CFTC Commissioner Caroline Pham Claims Regulatory Agency Could Be Infringing on the SEC’s Authority in KuCoin Case

Caroline Pham from the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) has been critical of the actions of her own regulatory agency, noting that the CFTC could be interfering on its partner agency in the recent charges it made against digital currency exchange KuCoin this past week…. Read More

House Financial Services and Agriculture Committees Demands the SEC Clarify Treatment of Ether (ETH). Is it a Security?

Republicans on the House Financial Services Committee and the House Committee on Agriculture are demanding that the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) clarify whether Ether (ETH—Ethereum) is a security or something else. In recent years, the SEC has publicly stated ETH is not a security…. Read More

Most ERC-20 Tokens on DEXes May be Part of Pump and Dump Schemes, but Represent Insignificant Trading Volumes – Report

For most of the research that Chainalysis release in their annual Crypto Crime Report, the data tells “a clear story.” For instance, funds sent to ransomware operators, darknet markets, or sanctioned entities can be measured and trends “can be analyzed with Chainalysis labeling and data.”… Read More

Congressman Patrick McHenry Claims SEC Will Soon Declare Ethereum a Security

It was not too long ago that the Securities and Exchange Commission determined Ethereum (ETH) NOT to be a security. But times change, and new leaders take over. In this case, it is the Chairman of the SEC, Gary Gensler. According to an X distributed… Read More

Digital Asset Analysts Share Perspective on Bitcoin and Ethereum Price Movements, Comment on High-Potential Altcoins

As the Bitcoin halving approaches, an event that is expected to reduce the daily BTC minting supply by half, several crypto industry analysts have provided their insights on the current state of the volatile crypto-assets markets. The Bitfinex Alpha Report aims to offer a comprehensive… Read More

Staking on Ethereum Network Captures Significant Attention Since “The Merge” – Report

As a fundamental aspect of validating and securing proof of stake (PoS) blockchains, staking on the Ethereum network has captured significant attention since “The Merge,” according to an extensive report from Coin Metrics. The Coin Metrics team notes in their weekly report that currently, over… Read More

After Spot Bitcoin ETF Approvals, US Senators Request SEC Chair Not Approve Other Crypto ETFs

Democrats Senator Jack Reed and Senator Laphonza Butler have sent a letter to Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) Chair Gary Gensler requesting that the regulatory agency step in to ensure that broker-dealers are providing investors with adequate disclosures regarding Bitcoin (BTC) ETFs or exchange-traded funds… Read More

Ethereum L2 Roll-Up Platform Metis Announces Collaborations with Chainlink Labs, EigenLayer, Others

Ethereum Layer-2 roll-up platform Metis is announcing key collaborations with Chainlink Labs, EigenLayer, Renzo, Ethena, and DeFi Kingdoms. These collaborations are expected to make Metis stronger and “more accessible—a self-sustaining blockchain—by enabling better user experiences and deeper liquidity.” Many Ethereum Layer 2 (L2) networks “offer… Read More

Ethereum (ETH) Equivalent ZK Rollup Project Taiko Reports New Funding Round

Taiko has acquired $15 million via a Series A round, bringing its total outside investments to $37 million. The initiative’s developers claim to be working on an Ethereum-equivalent ZK rollup with “based sequencing” – both described as being technological innovations. However, Taiko currently faces an… Read More

Ethereum (ETH) Staking ETP Introduced by ETC Group, Listed on Deutsche Börse XETRA

ETC Group is unveiling its latest ETP listed on Deutsche Börse XETRA, the ETC Group Ethereum Staking ETP (ticker ET32; ISIN DE000A3G90G9), a total return exchange-traded product that tracks the Compass Ethereum Total Return Monthly Index. Specifically tailored to meet the rigorous requirements of institutional… Read More

Bitso, a Crypto-focused Financial Services Provider in LatAm, Integrates Solution to Enhance Ethereum Transactions

Bitso—the crypto-powered financial services company in Latin America—announced that it has integrated a third Layer 2 solution that will facilitate fast and efficient transactions with Ethereum thanks to the incorporation of the Optimism network. Optimism is a Layer 2 or “Layer 2” blockchain that works… Read More

UBS Expands Digital Asset Capabilities with Hong Kong’s Tokenized Warrant on Ethereum Network

UBS AG (NYSE:UBS) announced the launch of Hong Kong’s investment-grade tokenized warrant on the Ethereum public blockchain network. This innovative product utilizes the on-chain issuance product framework “offered by UBS Tokenize, the bank’s in-house tokenization service.” The product is a call warrant with Xiaomi Corporation… Read More

Digital Assets: $5.7B in Value Now Held in Ethereum ETFs with Europe Leading with 81% Share – Report

The team at CoinGecko reveals in an extensive report that there are around $5.7B worth of assets in Ethereum ETFs, which is being led by Europe with an 81% share. XBT Ethereum Tracker One (COINETH) is reportedly “the global top Ethereum exchange-traded fund (ETF), with… Read More

Digital Assets Survey Reveals Bitcoin and Ethereum Have Most Compelling Growth Outlook

James Butterfill, Head Of Research at CoinShares, has shared the results of the latest digital asset fund manager survey. As noted in the update, 75% of all respondents believe Bitcoin and Ethereum have “the most compelling growth outlook.” As mentioned in the report, digital assets… Read More

Digital Assets: SIX Reference Rate, Real-Time Crypto Indices to Cover Bitcoin and Ethereum Markets

thought-catalog unsplash Bitcoin Ethereum Cryptocurrency

The new SIX Reference Rate Crypto Indices and SIX Real-Time Crypto Indices cover the major crypto assets Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH), giving a comprehensive snapshot of the market and its performance. Built on a transparent rules-based methodology, the indices aim to “foster clarity and… Read More

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