Juni, the Financial Platform Built for Commerce, Says Businesses Need to Carefully Determine Marketing Budget

Instead of dealing with different platforms and currencies, receipts and invoices, and arguing with banks over spend limits, you can consider using services provided via Juni.

The company explains that with automatic receipt generation, real-time spend insights and Google Ads invoices auto-pulled into your account, it can be easier “to keep track of your payments.”

You can also “boost your cash flow with credit, cashback and more to help you fund ad campaigns and unlock revenue growth.”

As noted in a blog post, Juni is the financial platform “built for ecommerce.” They give you “a unified view of your finances, with cards, mulitcurrency accounts, and banking, accounting and advertising integrations – all in one place.”

They can “help boost your cash flow with working capital, cashback and more.”

According to the Juni team, 2023 is set to be “an unpredictable year, so planning ahead will give you the advantage to start the year prepared.”

Samir El-Sabini, CEO and Co-Founder of Juni, said:

“In early 2022, we launched credit to help UK ecommerce companies fund ad campaigns to unlock revenue growth. We’re seeing high levels of ad spend across our platform, with our data showing where and when online retailers are choosing to invest their marketing budgets.” 

Samir added:

“It’s clear that companies have been testing what the best platforms are for them during certain key retail moments. As we enter 2023 amid a challenging economic climate, where businesses choose to spend their marketing budget will be brought into even sharper focus. It will be important to become more selective than ever on brand and channel investments. To sustain growth next year, businesses will need to manage a balancing act of the right mix of online and offline marketing and distribution.”

In other updates and insights shared by Juni, it was noted that Meta, which includes Facebook and Instagram, “is online retailers’ advertising platform of choice, with a decisive 65% of spend.”

However, this has “dropped across the year – from 70.5% in January to 60.9% in November.”

While 60.9% is still a significant share of spend, “it will be interesting to see how spend is affected during 2023 and whether this decline continues.”

‍TikTok now “boasts over 1 bn users, and ecommerce businesses are starting to take note and up their spending.” According to available data, TikTok advertising has “seen significant growth over 2022 and has become the UK’s third most popular platform for ecommerce ads.”

On the Juni platform, TikTok’s overall market share “is 4.3%, which peaked in July (10.1% of overall spend) and June (8.7%).”

This growth “overtook more established platforms like Amazon (1.4%), Pinterest (0.5%) and Snap (0.4%).”

However, as we close out 2022, spend on TikTok is “starting to drop.”

‍Google has “had an inconsistent year when it comes to ad spend.”

Starting the year “strong at 22.8% in January and growing further to a high of 26.4% in May, spend dropped to a low of 16.4% in August.”

Since then, figures have “recovered, climbing to 25% in November, suggesting a resurgence during key retail moments.”

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