Insurtech: Socotra Empowers Steadily, a Landlord Insurance Solution, with API Integration, Responsive Support

Socotra, the modern core platform provider for innovative insurers, announced that Steadily, America’s landlord insurance solution, has adopted the Socotra Connected Core policy administration system.

The collaboration has allowed Steadily to enhance its systems and deliver an exceptional user experience to its customers.

One of the key highlights of the partnership “has been Socotra‘s robust API offerings. Steadily has greatly benefited from Socotra’s comprehensive API suite, which has provided the company with unparalleled flexibility in integrating Socotra Connected Core within its existing systems.”

The seamless integration has “allowed Steadily to optimize its operations and offer a streamlined experience to its users.”

In addition, Socotra’s configurability has reporedly proven to “be invaluable for Steadily.”

This innovative capability has “enabled Steadily to rapidly deploy and launch the Socotra platform, significantly reducing the implementation time.”

Furthermore, as Steadily products continue “to evolve, Socotra’s flexible configuration has allowed the company to adapt and iterate efficiently, ensuring ongoing success.”

Datha Santomieri, Steadily co-Founder and vice president, said:

“Working with Socotra has been a game-changer for Steadily. Their robust API capabilities have empowered us to seamlessly integrate their insurance core platform and offer a superior user experience. Socotra has expedited our time to market, allowing us to adapt swiftly to changing market needs.”

Dan Woods, Socotra founder and CEO, said:

“Steadily has built a reputation for offering fast, affordable landlord insurance paired with intuitive tech and beautiful design. We are pleased Socotra contributes to Steadily’s growth and achievements. The collaboration between the two companies exemplifies the power of leveraging cutting-edge technology and responsive expertise to drive innovation in the insurance industry.”

Socotra has consistently “demonstrated responsiveness to Steadily’s inquiries, providing timely guidance whenever needed.”

Socotra’s support has “fostered a strong and collaborative relationship, enhancing Steadily’s overall experience with the platform.”

As noted in the update, Socotra provides insurance companies “with the flexible modern core platform and ecosystem they need to adapt, innovate, and grow their business.”

By leveraging solutions “such as Socotra CorePlus and Socotra Connected Core, insurers can streamline policy administration, enhance digital experiences, and deliver products to market faster.”

Socotra provides open APIs, “a product-agnostic data model, and out-of-the-box capabilities to manage the entire policy lifecycle, making insurance innovation faster, easier, and more affordable.”

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