AI-Powered CAPE Analytics, Intermap Technologies to Integrate Digital Surface Models into Property Intelligence Offerings

CAPE Analytics, which claims to be the leader in AI-powered geospatial property intelligence, is pleased to announce its partnership with Intermap Technologies, a global firm focused on 3D geospatial products and intelligence solutions via its powerful suite of software applications.

CAPE says that it will “integrate Intermap’s nationwide digital surface models (DSM) to power specific property and parcel attributes.”

This new relationship with Intermap adds “to CAPE’s wide array of data partnerships and Foundry platform, which uses machine learning to fuse and analyze diverse datasets and deliver the most accurate property insights available.”

In particular, CAPE will utilize Intermap’s DSM data “to power property attributes that require an understanding of terrain and surface elevation, such as parcel slope and the visible view from a property.”

Ian Boneysteele, VP of Partnerships, Strategy, and Corporate Development at CAPE Analytics, said:

“A multisource approach to geospatial analytics has been key for CAPE in delivering value to our clients. We are excited to integrate Intermap’s highly accurate nationwide digital surface maps to further enhance our offerings.”

Patrick A. Blott, Intermap Chairman and CEO, said:

“We are proud to partner with CAPE to enable AI-powered geospatial property analytics and be integral to producing unique property insights. Our elevation data provides accurate, location-specific details to increase the level of confidence for accurate property valuation and help investors make smarter decisions.”

As noted in the update, CAPE Analytics claims it is “the leading provider of geospatial property intelligence.”

CAPE provides instant property insights “for millions of residential and commercial buildings by analyzing high-resolution imagery, property records, and novel data sources using computer vision and machine learning.”

With a mission to better understand and protect the built environment, CAPE provides property stakeholders “with risk-predictive property attributes that are more timely, accurate, and objective than on-site inspections.”

Comprised of insurance, real estate, and data experts, CAPE says it “is backed by leading venture capital firms and insurance carriers.”

Founded in 1997 and headquartered in Denver, Colorado, Intermap claims it is a global leader “in geospatial intelligence solutions, focusing on the creation and analysis of 3D terrain data to produce high-resolution thematic models.”

Through scientific analysis of geospatial information and patented sensors and processing technology, the Company provisions diverse, complementary, multi-source datasets to enable customers to seamlessly “integrate geospatial intelligence into their workflows.”

Intermap’s 3D elevation data and software analytic capabilities “enable global geospatial analysis through artificial intelligence and machine learning, providing customers with critical information to understand their terrain environment.”

By leveraging its proprietary archive of the world’s largest collection of multi-sensor global elevation data, the company’s collection and processing capabilities provide multi-source 3D datasets and analytics “at mission speed, enabling governments and companies to build and integrate geospatial foundation data with actionable insights.”

Applications for Intermap’s products and solutions “include defense, aviation and UAV flight planning, flood and wildfire insurance, disaster mitigation, base mapping, environmental and renewable energy planning, telecommunications, engineering, critical infrastructure monitoring, hydrology, land management, oil and gas and transportation.”

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