Rarimo Integrates Unstoppable Domains for Cross-Chain Proof of Humanity

The team at Unstoppable Domains announced that they’re partnering with multi-chain protocol Rarimo in order to enable seamless cross-chain identity usage.

Now, your Unstoppable domain serves “as proof of humanity within -dApps across 3 additional chains.” The partnership will allow Unstoppable domain holders “to use their Web3 domain as proof of humanity, enhancing security and digital identity verification while opening up  new possibilities for Web3 domain utility.”

The added use case allow Unstoppable domains “to be used as proof of humanity across Ethereum, BNB, and Avalanche, with more chains to come.” Also, because Rarimo has integrated Login with Unstoppable, domain holders can “use their domain to login to apps such as Galxe and Decentraland.”

As explained in a blog post, Rarimo’s Proof of Humanity verification “employs Zero Knowledge technology, ensuring that no personal information is exposed during the identity verification process. zK Proofs provide a ‘yes or no’ response to verification questions without divulging any additional personal details.”

Unstoppable domain owners can “login to Rarimo with their Web3 domain to connect their proof of humanity with their identity.”

They can then use their Unstoppable domain “as proof of humanity for dapps integrated with Rarimo, like Galxe and Decentraland.”

Interoperability between different ecosystems is “a vital part of Web3’s promise to restore users’ ownership over their data.” Furthermore, these identity checks ensure “that Web3 apps can distinguish genuine humans from bots, making platforms safer for everyone.”

As reported in March 2023, Unstoppable Domains announced the promotion of two leaders at Unstoppable: Sandy Carter to Chief Operating Officer and Head of Business Development, and Lisa DeLuca to Sr. Director of Engineering.

Both Sandy and Lisa have been instrumental in “building Unstoppable and supporting their mission to deliver user-owned identity for the world.”

As COO and Head of Business Development, Sandy will “continue to drive strategic partnerships for Unstoppable as while leading Business Development Community, Communications, and Legal.”

She will continue to report to CEO Matt Gould.

Since joining Unstoppable as SVP and Channel Chief in December 2021, Sandy has grown Unstoppable’s strategic partnerships “more than tenfold, from 61 to over 750.”

She also founded Unstoppable Women of Web3, “an initiative that has connected with over 45,000 women on technology topics including Web3, blockchain, and the metaverse.”

Lisa DeLuca has been “elevated to Senior Director of Engineering, where she will oversee the full Engineering and Product team.”

Lisa joined Unstoppable in February 2022 “to lead engineering for login and identity.”

Matt said:

“Lisa is an exceptional leader, inventor, and engineer, and she makes Unstoppable better every day. Her mindset for innovation will help us continue to foster a world-class engineering organization.”

With over 800 patent applications filed and over 650 granted, Lisa is “the 2nd-most prolific female inventor in the world.” Prior to Unstoppable, Lisa spent more than 16 years at IBM “as a Distinguished Engineer and Director of Product Management, running a worldwide organization that launched an AI Sustainability Suite of products with enterprise use cases for the Petabytes of data flowing through The Weather Company SaaS APIs.”

Lisa stated:

“Unstoppable is building an entirely new category of user-owned digital identity in Web3. I’m excited to lead the engineering and product team as we continue to break new ground with innovative products that put power in the hands of people.”

In Lisa’s opinion, AI is inextricable from web3 and stands to enhance many traditional industries.

Recently, DeLuca also revealed that there’s a way to link various media quotes to the public key of the individual who made the statements. She confirmed that they’ve currently got a pending patent for this concept that you may leverage blockchains in order to add trust to online content.

Somewhat similar to a typical Google Search alert notification, an individual may assign an AI Bot to crawl the world wide web for mentions of their name or product in various media outlets.

And any time that individual is quoted in an article, they should get a request to confirm/verify that particular quote via the blockchain by using their decentralized domain name, which could be linked to a cryptocurrency wallet.

DeLuca further explained that you could get a request that states, ‘Is this actually you – confirm or reject?’ And after completing this step, the interaction may be updated to indicate that that individual had verified it, and then the media outlet may build up their reputation over an extended period time on how much of their content is verified versus being rejected.

She pointed out that this process might also be incentivized with digital tokens so that the verifying individual/party gets a monetary reward for affirming their statements. DeLuca also mentioned that Unstoppable Domains has developed this particular tool and is prepared to start testing it with a suitable partner.

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