Bundeep Singh Rangar of Fineqia: Blockchain Professional Says Industry Should Focus on Education and Practical Use-Cases

We recently caught up with Bundeep Singh Rangar, the CEO of Fineqia, a digital asset business that builds and targets investments in early and growth-stage technology companies that will be a part of the next generation of the Internet.

Publicly listed in Canada (CSE: FNQ) with offices in Vancouver and London, Fineqia‘s portfolio in investments includes businesses at the forefront of tokenization, blockchain technologies, NFTs, AI and Fintech.

Bundeep Singh Rangar commented on how Web3 is improving business industries through digital asset investment. He also discussed how digital asset investment can lead to increased profitability for investors.

Our conversation with Bundeep is shared below.

Crowdfund Insider: Could you start by giving us an overview of Fineqia and its core mission in the blockchain and crypto space?

Bundeep Singh Rangar: The company’s vision and mission are outlined in different areas of its operations:

Asset Management

Vision: To issue innovative Exchange Traded Products (ETPs) by learning from the success and shortcomings of early entrants in the field, particularly before the involvement of large financial institutions. We want to stay ahead of the curve and provide unique financial solutions that help democratize access to financial products and services.

Venture Fund

Mission: To set up Glass Ventures as a Web 4.0 and Web 3.0 focused venture capital fund to invest in early and growth stage fintech, blockchain, and AI companies, leveraging an existing investment portfolio. Our goal is to support and nurture emerging technologies and startups in these sectors, with a focus on innovation, financial inclusion, social benefit, and growth.

Crowdfund Insider: You’ve founded and led ventures in various sectors. Could you share some strategies that have contributed to your success as an innovator?

Bundeep Singh Rangar: Success in entrepreneurship and innovation hinges on having a clear vision and purpose that’s better for business and society. Having resilience as you take on the status quo, adaptability to change as you build your business, cultivating an innovation and ownership-focused company culture, and making data-driven decisions. These principles collectively guide effective leadership and drive entrepreneurial ventures forward by aligning strategic thinking with a commitment to ongoing improvement.

Crowdfund Insider: You’ve been involved in initiatives that bridge technology and social impact, such as the online art auction for Covid relief. Can you tell about the intersection of technology and philanthropy and the role you see in it in today’s world?

Bundeep Singh Rangar: The intersection of technology and philanthropy represents a powerful force for positive change in today’s world.

Initiatives like https://genesis.artandco.net, which became the world’s largest online art auction for COVID relief, exemplify how altruistic initiatives and business growth can be undertaken concurrently. Technology made resources and people accessible despite the lockdown. It enabled efficient fundraising and transparent donation tracking. It democratised philanthropy by taking it to a wider worldwide audience. Blockchain-enabled accountability and trust in the receipt and distribution of aid.

Technology amplifies the impact of philanthropic efforts and encourages new forms of social engagement and responsibility, ultimately fostering a more interconnected and compassionate global society.

Crowdfund Insider: Beyond your role in the blockchain industry, you’ve been engaged in the worlds of art, sports, and entertainment. How do these interests contribute to your perspective on innovation?

Bundeep Singh Rangar: Engagement in diverse fields like art, sports, and entertainment provides a well-rounded perspective on leadership and innovation. Art nurtures creativity and the ability to see beyond conventional boundaries, fostering innovative thinking. Sports teach teamwork, discipline, and resilience, all crucial leadership qualities. Entertainment connects with people’s emotions, enhancing the capacity to engage and inspire.

Combining these experiences, I’ve learned that leadership isn’t one-size-fits-all; it requires adaptability, empathy, and the ability to draw inspiration from various sources. Innovation often arises at the intersection of these diverse worlds, where fresh ideas and approaches emerge, making for more dynamic and effective leadership.

Crowdfund Insider: How can the blockchain industry help address common concerns effectively?

Bundeep Singh Rangar: The industry can focus on education and awareness, emphasizing practical use cases, transparency, and security. Collaboration with traditional industries, engagement with regulators, and the promotion of ethical behaviour are essential. Demonstrating blockchain’s positive impact on business and society and fostering a long-term vision can also help build trust and credibility, while user-friendly interfaces and standards can enhance adoption.

Effective communication, transparency, and proactive engagement with stakeholders are key to dispelling skepticism, misconceptions, and any fear of the unknown surrounding blockchain technology.

Crowdfund Insider: The blockchain space is known for its evolution. Can you share some of the developments or use cases you see emerging in the future?

Bundeep Singh Rangar: Tokenization of music: Music tokens have gained considerable attention as a novel way for artists to monetize their work and connect with fans. Musicians can tokenize albums, singles, concert tickets, and even unique experiences, allowing for direct artist-to-fan engagement and new revenue streams for both themselves and their fans, who can now part-own music tracks.

Music tokens also address issues of copyright and royalty payments, ensuring that artists and other token holders receive a fair share of the revenue generated from their music. This development reshapes the music industry by offering more equitable and direct relationships between artists and their audiences. It also enables provenance as artists’ voices are now being replicated by artificial intelligence (AI).

Diversified Digital Asset ETPs: Beyond single-asset ETPs, there are diversified digital asset ETPs that offer exposure to a basket of cryptocurrencies. These ETPs allow investors to spread their risk across multiple digital assets, similar to how traditional diversified investment funds work.

Regulatory Developments: The regulatory environment for digital asset ETPs is evolving, with some countries approving them and others still considering the appropriate regulatory framework. The acceptance of these products could have a significant impact on the broader adoption of digital assets in the financial sector.

Crowdfund Insider: What insights have you gained about doing business in different regions?

Bundeep Singh Rangar: As an entrepreneur with a global presence, I’ve learned that cultural awareness is crucial in international business. A beef burger might be great in America, for example, but unacceptable in India. Understanding the specifics of each region, such as how people communicate, the way business is conducted, and what consumers prefer, is essential.

It’s also vital to adapt and tailor your business strategy to fit local market conditions, regulations, economic factors and business styles. In acquisition discussions, for example, executives in western companies frequently start with a high sticker price offer and then whittle down the price during due diligence. By contrast, those in Asian companies, perhaps drawing on their experience bargaining with street vendors, start low but ultimately pay a higher amount.

Building strong relationships with local partners and stakeholders fosters trust and makes operations run more smoothly. Flexibility, patience, and a commitment to learning from each market’s distinct challenges and opportunities are essential for long-term success in the global business landscape.

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