Construction Financing Technology Platform Built Introduces Unified CRE Financing and Asset & Portfolio Management

Built, a software platform designed to connect and simplify doing business in real estate, has announced new advanced capabilities for its Construction Loan Administration product and the launch of a new Asset & Portfolio Management product that empowers Lenders to thrive in the $20 trillion U.S. commercial real estate (CRE) market.

Together, these updates provide Lenders with “the tools to asset manage CRE loans, portfolio manage the CRE book, and digitize draws on CRE bridge and construction loans—all within a single platform.”

The new capabilities address “the complexities of CRE financing, including managing complex capital stacks, funding rules and collateral performance to enable accurate, complete asset and portfolio reporting and analytics.”

The platform now integrates “with existing Excel spreadsheets to simplify the user experience and eliminate redundant data entry.”

Additionally, the enhanced draw management features “streamline collaboration on draw requests and related information, significantly improving the borrower experience and accelerating draw funding cycle time.”

Built CEO Chase Gilbert said:

“Like construction, CRE has been largely underserved by technology. We found that while we helped clients with construction draws, many asset and portfolio management processes were also often manual—with even large lenders relying on disconnected Excel spreadsheets and Business Intelligence tools to manage billions in debt assets. This insight spurred us to significantly enhance our platform’s capabilities across the entire CRE lifecycle. These new advanced tools power unmatched visibility, efficiency and risk management capabilities, crucial in today’s challenging landscape.”

Key Benefits & Features of Built’s Advanced CRE Capabilities:

Boosts Revenue

Built boosts revenue by speeding up “fund distribution through digital automation and increasing the efficiency of Loan Administrators and Asset & Portfolio Managers, enabling them to manage larger portfolios more effectively.”

With tools for setting funding guidelines, managing project budgets, and forecasting future cash flow, Lenders can effectively “manage their investments, assess risks more accurately, and align their activities with financial goals.”

Quick report generation and real-time property performance monitoring “further boost revenue by enabling faster, data-driven decisions for superior risk management and investment performance.”

Strengthens Competitive Edge

Built strengthens Lenders’ competitive positions “by enhancing borrower experiences and streamlining draw processes with a Borrower Portal powered by Project Financials.”

The Borrower Portal facilitates efficient “online collaboration for draw requests, boosting customer satisfaction and attracting new clients with draw turnaround times that are 37% shorter than the industry average.”

Centralized deal data and automated compliance tools “further strengthen the competitive edge through improved operational efficiency and risk management.”

Ensures Regulatory Compliance

Built helps Lenders stay compliant “by giving them the ability to effortlessly manage regulatory requirements.”

​​The advanced CRE capabilities allow “for workflow customization, easy compliance monitoring, straightforward tracking, and detailed reporting, with continuous logging of all user activities to ensure auditability.”

Integrates Seamlessly with Existing Systems

Built integrates with Lenders’ existing technology and systems, “including a proprietary Excel add-in for seamless data integration, allowing them to leverage familiar tools together in one place for more efficient workflow and contributing to the compilation of higher-quality data to drive decisions and workflow in asset and portfolio management.”

It also supports flexible integrations “with existing systems for smooth, two-way data flow, further reducing manual data entry and boosting productivity.”

As covered, Built’s real estate finance technology “delivers connectivity and transparency to nearly half of the top 100 construction Lenders in the U.S.”

By making it simple to connect and do business in real estate on a single platform, Built enables increased “efficiency, collaboration, transparency, and business agility—allowing customers to build and manage the communities around us more profitably, and with greater confidence.”

Built is reportedly used “by hundreds of North American Lenders and Asset and Portfolio Managers, and thousands of Developers, Home Builders, and General Contractors, with a quarter of a trillion in real estate dollars being actively managed on its platform.”

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