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Real Estate Marketplace Pacaso Reports Over 21% Growth in Co-Ownership Across the US YoY

Pacaso, a technology-enabled real estate marketplace that helps people buy, co-own, and sell a vacation home, reports more than 21% growth in co-ownership across the U.S. year-over-year in its inaugural Co-Ownership Growth Report. The report identifies the top ten counties “with the most significant annual… Read More

Pacaso, the Real Estate Marketplace, Reports $1 Billion+ in Cumulative Revenue for 2023

Pacaso, the technology-enabled real estate marketplace that helps people buy, co-own, and sell a luxury second home, announced significant milestones for the year 2023 with cumulative revenue in the Pacaso real estate portfolio surpassing $1 billion. In 2023, Pacaso claims that it has “grown its… Read More

Pacaso, the Real Estate Marketplace, Announces Business Expansion into Paris

Pacaso, the technology-enabled real estate marketplace that helps people buy, co-own, and sell a vacation home, announces its operational expansion into Paris, marking the company’s inaugural entry into the vibrant French real estate landscape. With the introduction of Paris, Pacaso marks its “expansion into 40… Read More

Real Estate Report: Buffalo, New York Expected to Become Major Housing Market

Buffalo, New York, will be the most active major housing market this year, according to a new analysis by Zillow (NASDAQ: Z and ZG). It may be hard to believe for some but as prices are rising elsewhere, Buffalo remains more accessible. Affordability is the… Read More

Real Estate Report: West Chester, Pennsylvania Ranks Among Most Popular Property Markets in the US

The most popular market among Zillow (NASDAQ: Z and ZG) surfers this year was West Chester, Pennsylvania. After the West Coast ruled in 2021 and the Midwest took the top spot last year, the Northeast dominated this year’s list. Smaller Northeast towns dominated Zillow’s “most… Read More

Real Estate Fundraising Report: High Interest Rates Will Deter Dealmaking in 2024

Preqin, the global firm focused on alternative assets data, tools, and insights, published its Preqin Global Report 2024: Real Estate. The report shows that high interest rates will “continue to deter real estate fundraising and dealmaking in 2024, while also outlining a shift towards opportunistic… Read More

Real Estate Market Update: US Mortgage Rates Are Falling from 23-Year High

Mortgage rates falling from a 23-year high have brought some early “holiday cheer for home shoppers and sellers,” according to a recent US market update. The latest Zillow (NASDAQ: Z and ZG) market report shows monthly costs “for a new mortgage are falling, inventory is… Read More

Pacaso, the Real Estate Marketplace, Releases Report that Identifies Fast-Growing Luxury Second Home Markets

Pacaso, the technology-enabled real estate marketplace that helps people buy, co-own, and sell a luxury second home, releases its third annual Top Second Home Markets Report, identifying “the leading luxury second home markets for 2023 and introducing the top markets to watch in 2024.” The… Read More

UK’s Prime Property Investment Platform CapitalRise Comments on Importance of Project Monitoring Process

CapitalRise reveals that it recently passed the £300m lending milestone, against £830m of prime property assets. To sustainably maintain this growth in their loan book, they claim to “have robust monitoring processes in place.” Their own project managers reportedly work “with independent third-party professionals, such… Read More

Real Estate Investments: Molo Finance Research Uncovers Major UK Cities to Invest in Buy-to-Let Properties

From cafes and restaurants to the aesthetic of the properties, there are a lot of factors to consider when choosing a city to purchase a buy-to-let property, according to an update from UK’s Molo Finance. Nowadays, a location’s social media presence is also “becoming an… Read More

Property Market Report: Fewer Prospective Homebuyers Willing to Wait for Improved Economic Conditions

Prospective homebuyers’ patience may be waning, with fewer willing to wait until home prices or interest rates come down to purchase a home, according to new data from the Bank of America (NYSE: BAC) Homebuyer Insights Report. Today, 62% are willing to “wait for prices… Read More

Horiz.io, an SaaS Platform Streamlining Real Estate Investment, Secures €196K+ via Crowdcube

Horiz.io, an SaaS platform aiming to simplify real estate investment for property search, yield calculation & rental management, has secured over €200,000 from more than 210 investors at the time of writing via its crowdfunding campaign, carried out via Crowdcube with currently less than two… Read More

European Proptech Casavo Identifies Trends Expected to Impact Spanish Real Estate Market in 2024

Casavo highlights that technology is redefining the way in which individuals and professionals interact “with the real estate market: from algorithms that project the future value of properties to virtual experiences through augmented reality.” Proptech identifies sustainability as “a crucial element  influences home buying and… Read More

Real Estate Insights: Fintech Built Examines Latest Property Market Data to Reveal Areas with Most Construction Activity

Built, a software-as-a-service platform that connects lenders, owners, developers, and contractors to power smarter and faster money movement for the entire construction and real estate ecosystem while reducing risks, looked into the company’s November 2023 new single-family and multifamily housing data in order “to uncover… Read More

Real Estate Market Report: Significantly More Properties Could Be Listed in 2024 with Improved Affordability

Zillow (NASDAQ: Z and ZG) predicts in a new real estate market report that more homes for sale will lead to improved affordability in 2024 According to Zillow, home buying / real estate will “remain expensive, so expect a competitive market for homes that need… Read More

Real Estate Software Firm CubiCasa Teams Up with OneKey MLS, which Serves New York Metropolitan Area

CubiCasa, a global real estate software company, announced its partnership with OneKey MLS, a major MLS serving the New York Metropolitan area and ranking among the largest MLS organizations in the United States. The partnership with OneKey MLS underscores CubiCasa’s commitment “to making digital floor… Read More

Italy: Real Estate Crowdfunding Platform Walliance Acquires Lymo Finance

Lymo Finance, the world’s first real estate crowdfunding platform, is now owned by Walliance, another real estate crowdfunding platform based in Italy, according to an announcement. Walliance said the acquisition is part of its expansion plans in the European market. Lymo, which has an investment… Read More

Real Estate Report: Rental Concessions are at Highest Level in 2+ Years, Despite Strong Renter Demand

Rental concessions—offers meant to entice tenants, such “as free months of rent or free parking—are at their highest level in more than two years despite strong renter demand,” Zillow‘s (NASDAQ: Z and ZG) data shows. That’s because property managers are now “likely competing for tenants,… Read More

Indonesia: Residential Property Price Survey Reveals Prices in Primary Market are Rising Annually

The latest Residential Property Price Survey conducted by Bank Indonesia in the third quarter of 2023 indicates “that residential property prices in the primary market are still rising annually, with growth of the Residential Property Price Index (RPPI) accelerating to 1.96% (yoy) from 1.92% (yoy)… Read More

Real Estate Report: Buyer Demand Remains Steady, Despite Rates and Seasonal Property Market Downturn

Despite mortgage rates reaching 23-year highs, low inventory levels “are spurring surprisingly strong competition,” according to Zillow‘s (NASDAQ: Z and ZG) latest market report1. Depleted inventory stocks are “gradually recovering, and price appreciation is slowing, but demand has remained resilient, and attractive, appropriately priced listings… Read More

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