BIGG Digital Assets Launches Operational Simulator Training for Investigators with WhiteStream Blockchain Intelligence

BIGG Digital Assets Inc.  an innovator in the digital assets space and owner of Blockchain Intelligence Group, Netcoins, and TerraZero, announces the launch of Operational Simulator Training for Investigators in partnership with WhiteStream Blockchain Intelligence.

Blockchain Intelligence Group, in partnership with WhiteStream Blockstream Intelligence, is pleased to announce the launch of an Operational Simulator Training Program.

This innovative training solution is designed “to equip law enforcement and financial crime investigators with the skills and knowledge necessary to tackle the complexities of blockchain-related crimes.”

The Operational Simulator Training program “offers a comprehensive and interactive learning experience.”

It immerses investigators in realistic scenarios “that mirror real-world complex blockchain crimes.”

Participants will gain hands-on experience in “identifying and tracing fraudulent transactions, disrupting money laundering activities, and investigating market manipulation schemes.”

The Operational Simulator changes the way investigators “are trained using two principles; Continuous Training at all levels and Maintaining Operational Competence, akin to other professionals like pilots and cyber investigators.”

Key Features of the Operational Simulator Training:

  • Realistic Scenario Simulations: Investigators are immersed in simulated environments that replicate a wide range of blockchain-related crimes, including fraud, money laundering, terror financing, market manipulation, tax evasion, and darknet trading.
  • Hands-on Learning: The program emphasizes practical application, allowing investigators to actively participate in simulated investigations and perform critical tasks such as evidence collection, data analysis, and pattern recognition.
  • Expert Guidance and Mentorship: Participants receive personalized guidance and mentorship from seasoned professionals with extensive experience in blockchain forensics, ensuring knowledge transfer and best practices.
  • Continuous training and skills enhancement: The training scenarios are regularly updated to reflect the latest trends and threats in blockchain technology, ensuring investigators at all levels of expertise maintain a strong foundation for continuous learning and professional development.
  • Manageable and monitored progress: Industry professionals who complete the simulator receive a professional and measurable assessment report after each training session. This allows them and their organizations to closely monitor and manage their investigative level and eventually gain the ability to maintain operational competence.
  • Industry-Recognized Certification: Participants earn renewable industry-recognized certification badges for their personal and professional profiles, validating their expertise in blockchain forensics and enhancing their credibility within the financial investigations community.

Lance Morginn, President at Blockchain Intelligence Group said:

“With the rapid evolution of blockchain technology, investigators must stay ahead of the curve. The Operational Simulator Training program is designed to provide investigators with the tools and knowledge they need to effectively combat blockchain-related crimes and safeguard our financial systems.”

Itsik Levy, CEO of Whitestream Blockchain Intelligence said:

“Given the fast evolution and growing complexity of crypto crime, blockchain investigation training must adopt new tools and methodologies akin to other professionals like pilots and cyber investigators. Also, as a blockchain investigator with over 10 years of experience, I am certain that continuous hands-on practice is the most essential element for achieving and maintaining a high level of investigative proficiency. The Operational Simulator features the ultimate realization of it all.”

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