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Ethereum Adoption: Movement Labs Unveils Move Virtual Machine L2 for ETH Network

Movement Labs has announced its plans to launch M2, the first Move Virtual Machine L2 for Ethereum, scaled with Celestia as modular DA. Starting with M2, Movement is building an ecosystem of Modular Move-Based Blockchains, with M2 made possible “by Celestia’s Blobstream and the modular… Read More

Institutional Crypto Adoption and Sentiment Remain Strong Amid Current Market Cycle – Coinbase Survey

Institutional adoption and sentiment remain strong amid the current crypto cycle, according to an Institutional Investor survey of 250 institutional investors. In the survey, commissioned by Coinbase (NASDAQ:COIN) institutional investors “demonstrated their resilience and expressed optimism about crypto’s role in the future.” Sentiment improved dramatically… Read More

Fintech Firm Fnality International Secures £77.7M via Series B

Fnality – the Fintech bringing together the safety and institutional quality of central bank money with the innovative functionality and resilience of blockchain technology – announced a £77.7m Series B funding round. This investment round was reportedly led “by Goldman Sachs and BNP Paribas, with… Read More

Blockchain Adoption: IOG Founder Charles Hoskinson Outlines New Framework for Cardano Devs, Validators

IOG founder & CEO Charles Hoskinson recently outlined a new framework that will offer new ways for developers and validators to utilize Cardano’s core strengths – and some new Cardano technologies in order “to build their own optimized partner chains.” Partner chains will aim to… Read More

Stablecoins: Circle Introduces Upgrade to USDC and EURC that Reduces Gas Costs, Improves Support for Account Abstraction

Circle has unveiled a new v2.2 upgrade to USDC and EURC that significantly reduces gas costs, improves support “for account abstraction, and further bolsters security for transactions on EVM blockchains.” The upgrade adds to the momentum of USDC innovation “after its recent expansion to 6… Read More

Blockchain Tech Adoption: NEAR Foundation and Berklee College of Music to Launch New Initiative

NEAR Foundation, the non-profit that supports the growth and development of the NEAR ecosystem, announced a partnership with Berklee College of Music, the largest independent college of contemporary music and performing arts in the world. Under the terms of the agreement, Berklee has “selected NEAR… Read More

Blockchain Adoption: dYdX Chain has Launched, Bridging and Digital Assets Staking Now Supported

The dYdX Foundation is pleased to announce the open-sourcing of software for a Bridge User Interface that, if deployed, could “facilitate the conversion by users of ethDYDX to DYDX, the layer 1 (L1) token of the dYdX Chain.” Three significant developments have happened in the… Read More

OneSpan Introduces Quantum-Safe Blockchain Storage to Secure Firms’ Digital Agreements

OneSpan (NASDAQ: OSPN), the digital agreements security company, announced a unique new capability to its market-leading e-signature solution, OneSpan Sign, to give organizations a better way “to safeguard the provenance of a document against emerging security threats.” The newest addition to OneSpan’s portfolio, Trust Vault,… Read More

Coinbase Reports Strong Q3, Aims to Invest in Digital Asset Services that Expand On-Chain Utility

Coinbase (NASDAQ:COIN) reports that Q3 was a strong quarter for the digital asset firm. In a letter addressed to Coinbase shareholders, the firm says that amid multi-year low levels of volatility, they are pleased with their financial results. Although the company has generated a net… Read More

Blockchain Intelligence Group Expands Operations with Foreign Government, Law Enforcement Partnerships

BIGG Digital Assets Inc. (CSE: BIGG), an innovator in the digital assets space and owner of Netcoins, and Blockchain Intelligence Group and TerraZero is pleased to announce a significant milestone in Blockchain Intelligence Group’s growth and global expansion strategy. Blockchain Intelligence Group has signed 1… Read More

Milan Velev of Nexo: Blockchain Professional Explains Importance of Security for Crypto Investors, Traders

We recently connected with Milan Velev, Nexo’s Chief Security Officer, who shared key insights with CI regarding the importance of setting standards for crypto platform security. Milan Velev from Nexo explained why crypto investors and traders need to prioritize security. He also commented on their… Read More

Injective DeFi Report: Majority of Crypto Trading Activity Focused on Long-Term Holding Strategy

Injective, the blockchain built for finance, published its DeFi Trader Survey 2023. The research draws from various cryptocurrency trading communities, “aiming to provide a comprehensive understanding of how professionals and amateurs approach cryptocurrency trading, their motivations, and valuable lessons for the wider trading community.” Most… Read More

DeFi Adoption: Neo Unveils Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) Compatible Sidechain

Neo, the open-source, community-driven blockchain platform, revealed that development is underway on a new EVM-compatible sidechain that will enable developers “to deploy smart contracts, and open the Neo ecosystem up to a wide range of trading-specific use cases such as DeFi.” As a separate blockchain… Read More

Chainlink Proof of Reserve Now Active for Backed’s Tokenized Real-World Assets

Backed is pleased to announce that they have integrated Chainlink Proof of Reserve (PoR). This development provides users “with a transparent and trust-minimized means to confirm the collateralization of our tokenized assets.” Backed’s implementation represents a significant step forward in “how users can gain assurance… Read More

Fintech Ripple and Uphold to Enhance Crypto Liquidity Infrastructure

Ripple, the firm focused on enterprise blockchain and crypto solutions, has announced a new partnership with Uphold, the global Web3 financial platform. The partnership will see Uphold provide Ripple “with enhanced crypto liquidity capabilities to underpin and enhance its cross-border payments infrastructure.” Known for its… Read More

Fireblocks Appoints Ex- NYDFS Crypto Regulator Peter Marton and Cryptographer Chaitanya Reddy Konda to Lead Compliance Initiatives

Fireblocks, an enterprise platform to manage digital asset operations and build innovative businesses on the blockchain, announces the appointments of Peter Marton, former Deputy Superintendent of Virtual Currency at the New York State Department of Financial Services (NYDFS), and cryptographer, Chaitanya Reddy Konda, who “designed… Read More

Blockchain Adoption: CoinList Survey Provides Insights on How Incentivized Testnets Should Be Implemented

CoinList, the crypto launchpad and exchange that provides access to established crypto assets, recently conducted a survey of over 500 validators and testnet participants in order to gain insight “into their preferences and inform their future initiatives.” Testing crypto products and protocols “requires active community… Read More

North America Leads in Global Crypto Usage, But Stablecoin Activity Shifts Away from US Services – Report

North America is the largest cryptocurrency market, according to Chainalysis. Chainalysis reveals hat the region has “an estimated $1.2 trillion in value received on-chain between July 2022 and June 2023.” That total now “represents 24.4% of global transaction activity during the time period studied.” Most… Read More

Bitcoin (BTC) Adoption: Blockstream Introduces Greenlight for Scalable, Non-Custodial Lightning Integration

Blockstream, the global leader in Bitcoin infrastructure technology, has announced the public rollout of its “Lightning-as-a-Service” solution, Greenlight. This launch aims to transform the way developers and enterprise clients worldwide “integrate fast, low-cost bitcoin payments into their software via the Lightning Network.” In the current… Read More

Web3 Adoption: Binance Academy, Blockchain Center Aim to Educate Over a Million Students Globally by 2026

Binance Academy, the “open-access” blockchain and Web3 learning hub, has joined forces with Blockchain Center, an independent non-profit research laboratory that fosters blockchain talent development through education, research, and development worldwide, to expand their joint blockchain education program globally. Now branded as the Global University… Read More

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