Award winning investment managers, P1, joins Bitcoin Conference

The UK’s first major Bitcoin conference will take place in Edinburgh on 21st-22nd October 2022. The conference is the brainchild of the Bitcoin Collective team and brings together long-time Bitcoiners and new Bitcoin-curious folks from across the globe to educate and inform on all things Bitcoin.

Tickets are selling fast to “Bitcoiners”, “newbies” and financial professionals who want to listen to global thought-leaders in this space, network with the UK Bitcoin community and find out more about this financial technology that has been likened to digital gold. This is exactly why P1 Investment Management have partnered with the Bitcoin Collective to support the conference. P1, a UK investment manager and platform provider, is aware that its customers and financial advisers are increasingly curious about Bitcoin and believe that within the decade, Bitcoin and other digital assets will become a mainstream asset class, like equities, bonds and traditional commodities. They have set out on a mission to educate and inform financial advisers and investment managers about Bitcoin and digital assets, and explain why it’s too important to ignore.

It is anticipated that 750 attendees will flock to Edinburgh to hear world class speakers on Bitcoin, sound money and macroeconomics. Bitcoin advocates such as Jeff Booth, Lawrence Lepard and Samson Mow will be speaking at the conference. Along with Natalie Brunell, who will lead on her experiences in El Salvador, the first country in the world to make Bitcoin legal tender, and how more women are entering the Bitcoin space.

Only this week, Blackrock, one of the world’s leading asset managers with $10 trillion under management partnered with leading Bitcoin and cryptocurrency exchange – Coinbase. This partnership will see Blackrock’s institutional investors gain access to Coinbase’s services allowing them to buy and hold Bitcoin. Former Blackrock managing director, Edward Dowd singled out Bitcoin as the leading contender to become the apex crypto in the long run. Indeed, Down stated that Bitcoin will become the “Amazon of crypto.

But, the Bitcoin Collective and P1 know it needs to be understood beyond its price.

James Priday, managing director of P1 stated,

“Money has evolved, and the internet has changed banking, payment processes, and how we view cash. We believe that people now need to be educated on what Bitcoin really is and the power it has as a monetary base layer to support the digital age. This won’t happen overnight. But, we are committed to supporting the Bitcoin Collective in their mission in creating new informed Bitcoin aware individuals within the next few years in the UK. We are truly excited about this first Bitcoin conference in the wonderful city of Edinburgh. Even if you view Bitcoin and ‘cryptocurrency’ negatively, we’d encourage you to come along.”

Jordan Walker, the dynamic young CEO of the Bitcoin Collective stated,

The more people learn about Bitcoin, the more they understand how it fits into the wider macroeconomic picture. Those in Bitcoin are just people who have taken the time to learn how money works today, realised how broken and unfair the global financial system is and then looked for a solution. We, as Bitcoiners, need to do a better job at educating others about this and I’m really happy to have James and his team from P1 leading the way in their industry.”

About The Bitcoin Collective

Every once in a while on our planet an individual, a group or a technology creates change for good and a paradigm shift. We believe Bitcoin has that potential. But, as a technology it needs people’s energy. The Bitcoin Collective, founded by Jordan Walker, Jim Duffy and Lucy-Rose Walker, is committed to creating an inclusive environment for an honest and open dialogue about the enormous potential of Bitcoin. Over the next five years we plan to deliver inspirational Bitcoin Conferences in the UK, support a grassroots movement with local Bitcoin groups in towns and cities across the UK and deliver educational content for all with the aim of inspiring new Bitcoiners.

To learn more about The Bitcoin Collective, head over to our website or contact us at: [email protected]

About P1 Investment Management

P1 Investment Management (P1) are an investment manager and platform provider working closely with industry professionals, using technology to overcome the restrictions and limitations dominant in many traditional investment houses. P1 provides efficient and effective solutions, including an investment platform, model investment portfolios and bespoke investment services. P1 are committed to embracing new technologies, lowering costs for clients, and driving the industry forward with new thinking.

Contact: Harry Webster, Head of Marketing, P1 Investment Management

Email: [email protected]


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