A Solution at Hand for Support in Uncertain Times

As social distancing forces millions into isolation,’s instant money transfer infrastructure proves key for people worldwide to continue supporting their loved ones.

With social contact reduced to a minimum due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, many face unforeseen challenges. For some, the crisis translated into unemployment; for others, it means no longer being able to care for their loved ones. Others yet are stuck away from family and friends.

While the situation is unprecedented, it highlights a bigger picture: when people are forced to stay apart, many are at risk of remaining without proper access to healthcare, education, and even essential supplies.

Financial support is a central element of remote caretaking in the context of an increasingly mobile global workforce. Over the past ten years, as many as 800 million people were supported by foreign worker remittances.

Forced distancing from family and peers, with paper money not always being an option, emphasizes the benefits of going digital and cashless, and the importance of wide-reaching, affordable financial methods they rely on.

Fintech apps have recently seen a 72% rise in use across Europe. But no matter where people are in the world, access to fast, secure, and affordable money transfer solutions are crucial to ensuring the economic well-being of their loved ones.

Instant money transfer platform enables the global community to stay connected and support their family and friends when they most need it. Thousands of people already rely on for real-time money transfers in more than 50 countries and 180 currencies. understands that the value of financial support goes beyond the amount of money that is being transferred. Support is truly valuable when one can rely on the timeliness and accuracy of a transfer, especially when it comes to time-critical transactions.

With international money transfers, barriers often arise – from high transaction fees and long processing times to charges for double currency conversion. tackles such challenges by allowing cross-border transfers in real-time and with no double currency conversion costs. Unlike e-wallet solutions, has no additional fees or extra costs (such as for topping up the account). charges a low 1.5% commission per transfer in most cases, which makes it particularly suitable for recurring and small amount transactions. All costs, including the final amount to be received, are transparent to the sender before they make the transfer. 

Using is as quick and easy as connecting existing payment cards to the app, without any money transfers or deposits.’s seamless experience enables users to support anyone and anywhere. Transfers can be made in the Mastercard network using the 16-digit card number – for people outside the network – or to the recipient’s phone number, for users within the network.

With more payment networks (including Visa) coming soon to, people are able to support anyone in need, no matter what financial instruments they rely on.

You can install the app here.

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