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Anchorage Digital Bank Partners with Arca Labs on Tokenized T-Bills

Anchorage Digital Bank will be providing a custody solution for Arca Labs regarding digital securities or tokenized T-Bills. Arca launched a digitized US Treasury fund and is the first firm to be registered under the 40 Act to issue tokenized T-bills, which are called “ArCoin.”… Read More

Arca Partners with Signature Bank to Enable Clients to Purchase ArCoin

Arca Labs, part of Arca – a digital assets investment firm, has revealed an agreement with Signature Bank (NASDAQ:SBNY) that enables Signature Bank clients with access to the bank’s Signet digital payment platform, to initiate purchases of shares of the Arca US Treasury Fund (ArCoin)… Read More

Arca Labs Partners with Digital Asset Custody Firms: Anchorage, TokenSoft, Ledger, Gemini and Komainu

Arca Labs, part of Arca a digital asset firm leveraging blockchain for the securities industry, has partnered with multiple digital asset custody providers. The partners include: Anchorage, TokenSoft, Gemini, Ledger, and Komainu. The group of custody firms will also support ArCoin that is backed by… Read More

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