Online Fraud Predicted to Surge 60% This Holiday Season: Arkose Labs

A combination of a re-opening society and technical sophistication has online fraud poised to increase 60 per cent this season, new data from fraud deterrence platform Arkose Labs suggests. Industry watchers should be prepared for increased online fraud threats during the holidays such as rising… Read More

Credential Stuffing Week Highlights Disturbing Cybersecurity Trend

In an effort to increase awareness about a frightening cybersecurity threat that continues to impact businesses around the globe, Arkose Labs on Monday kicked off the inaugural Credential Stuffing Week. With credential stuffing (also known as password spraying or account takeover), stolen data like usernames,… Read More

Arkose Labs Unveils $1 Million Warranty

Cybersecurity firm Arkose Labs today unveiled its $1 million Credential Stuffing Warranty. It offers a commercial guarantee against credential stuffing attacks, covering customers up to $1 million in response expenses. The costs covered include legal consultation, forensic services, notification expenses, identity theft, and credit monitoring…. Read More

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