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Medtech AEvice Overfunds on FundedHere Crowdfunding Campaign

Singapore-based crowdfunding platform FundedHere has raised S$516,000 for local startup AEvice Health in an oversubscribed 30-day campaign that exceeded its original S$450,000 target. The campaign was funded by 11 investors – nine accredited investors, one professional investor and one institutional investor – registered on FundedHere’s platform…. Read More

Amiko, the London & Milian-based Connected Health Startup, Launches Wearable Medication Activity Tracker in Time for Pioneer’s Festival

Amiko, a unique wearable activity tracker that wraps around medicine packaging, aims to tackle non-adherent behavior as it happens. Amiko is launching today on IndieGoGo to crowdfund $50,000, the final manufacturing costs of its wearable, trackable device for inhalers typically used for asthma and COPD. Units will… Read More

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