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Equity Crowdfunding Platforms Raising Money Now From Accredited Investors

Courtesy ptmoney.com

For those of us who are fortunate enough to be considered an “Accredited Investor”, crowdfunding is available today.  In fact Private Placements or Regulation D offerings have been around for quite some time.  It is just with the internet and a vibrant interest in crowdfunding… Read More

Can Mature Firms Benefit from Crowdfunding?

Like the entrepreneurs on Kickstarter trying to raise money to sell hot-chocolate cubes, cut an album, or manufacture a wireless dive-log device for scuba divers, later-stage private companies may soon be finding investors online. But will crowdfunding for firms that are more established and have… Read More

Dinan & Company Announces Crowdfunding for Accredited Investors

ConfidentCrowd Launches Accredited Investor Access for Broker-Dealer Members In Accordance with Title II of JOBS Act PHOENIX–(BUSINESS WIRE)– Dinan & Company today announced that its unique crowdfunding platform ConfidentCrowd will offer small and mid-sized businesses the opportunity to participate in much larger equity-based financings than available under… Read More

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