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American Blockchain PAC Welcomes Michael Onghai to Board

The American Blockchain Political Action Committee this week appointed Michael Onghai to its board of advisors. A former CEO of Looksmart, Onghai is also a seed investor in Coinbase, FundersClub, and Upflex. He currently is principal and seed investor in Alpha Sigma Funds, and a… Read More

FundersClub Celebrates Portfolio Company Slacks Exchange Listing as Share Price Booms

Slack (NYSE:WORK) completed a direct listing on the New York Stock Exchange this week. A direct listing is not a capital raising effort, it is a move by a company to provide liquidity for existing shareholders while remaining compliant under the law. Slack kicked off… Read More

FundersClub Provides Update on 6 Year Anniversary: 30 Exits and Counting

FundersClub, an online capital formation platform that uses Reg D 506b to back promising young firms, has just provided an update on the status of their operations after six years of business. According to FundersClub, to date they have booked 30 exits – IE companies… Read More

FundersClub Updates on 5 Years of Investing

FundersClub was launched five years ago this month. Designed to be an online marketplace providing access to compelling early stage investment opportunities. An accredited investor only platform, the VC hybrid strategy provided a larger “crowd” the option to participate in a good number of high… Read More

BTCjam Sets Closing Date. Users May Withdraw Stored Bitcoin until July

BTCjam, a P2P marketplace launched in 2012 to borrow and lend using bitcoin, announced the company has made “the difficult decision” to close up shop, according to multiple news sources. The platform cited regulatory challenges around bitcoin and the difficulties introducing bitcoin technology to poor communities around… Read More

Transparency on Investment Returns Counts & FundersClub is Providing it to their Investors

Investing in early stage companies is a risky venture. Everyone understands this. The risk vs return paradigm is an important aspect of any type of investing and the risk is higher in early stage companies and, correspondingly, so are the returns. While some pundits point… Read More

A Pretty Insane Internal Rate of Return for AngelList Investors

Investing in early stage companies is a risky venture. The advent of internet finance has made it easier than ever before to gain access to purchasing securities in startups.  Correspondingly, the debate regarding risk versus return has always been a very hot topic. Recently Crowdfund… Read More

Unocoin Finds Pre Series-A Pot of Gold, Raises Record Amount for Indian Currency Venture

Unocoin, a Bangalore based Bitcoin startup, has raised $1.5 million in a Pre Series-A round, the highest total raised for a digital currency venture in Indian history, said the platform. Funding was sourced from Blume Ventures, Mumbai Angels and ah! Ventures along with prominent international investors such as Digital Currency… Read More

Aircall Receives $2.75 Million from Balderton Capital & FundersClub

Paris-based tech startup Aircall has closed a $2.75 million seed round led by Balderton Capital.  The funding round  also received the support of online investment platform FundersClub, along with other US based angels. Aircall is a online phone system that may be deployed in “seconds”.  The… Read More

Brief: Bioprint Startup BioBots Secures $310,000 Through FundersClub Campaign; Forms Partnership With Partners With Khademhosseini Lab

BioBots, a bioprint startup from Philadelphia, recently launched an equity crowdfunding campaign on FundersClub to raise $100,000 to selling affordable bioprinters. During this funding round, the company surpassed its initial goal and raised over $310,000. According to 3dPrint, BioBots is targeting a $2.2 billion initial market by selling… Read More

FundersClub Announces “Partnerships”, Turnkey Tools For New Era of Online VCs

FundersClub, an online accredited investor crowdfunding platform, has announced they are opening up their marketplace and software to key VC players, Angels and family offices. In a posting by Alexander Mittal, co-founder and CEO of FundersClub,  he described “Partnerships” as empowering an online presence to… Read More

FundersClub & Investing in StartUps via Self Directed IRAs

FundersClub, an accredited investor crowdfunding platform, recently hosted a webinar on investing in small companies via self directed IRA’s.  They have partnered with Entrust, one of the largest providers of self directed IRA’s in the country, to assist in the process of offering his feature… Read More

FundersClub Incorporates Investing in Startups via Self Directed IRA’s

FundersClub is rolling out a new feature that that will allow any accredited individual to invest in startups via a self-directed IRA account. A “self-directed” IRA account means that the investor, as the individual account owner, has complete control over selecting and directing his or her own individual retirement investments…. Read More

Mattermark Ranks FundersClub Second For VC Portfolio Momentum

Here’s an eye opener… This is a ranking of portfolio momentum among major VC firms. Second on the list: online venture capital firm FundersClub. That’s some impressive growth. Here’s an explanation of the meaning of this extrapolation from Mattermark’s blog… Firms receive points based on an average… Read More

WATCH: Inside Crowdfunding Ep. 4 – Nick Meehan On Crowdfunding Lobbyists, An Exit For FundersClub, A New Michigan Bill, More

Hey, this week we got through a whole episode of Inside Crowdfunding without any major glitches! Success! Alon and I had a great conversation with Nick Meehan of The Lobby. Nick’s project piqued our interest after he was profiled in a piece for Vice. It’s… Read More

FundersClub’s First Exit: Crowdfunded TalentBin Acquired By Monster Worldwide

FundersClub is celebrating an exit this evening, the first exit for a company funded on the equity crowdfunding platform for accredited investors. TalentBin has been acquired by Monster Worldwide (MWW). Gozaik was also acquired by MWW today. Terms of the acquisitions were not disclosed. TalentBin and Gozaik… Read More

FundersClub’s Unrealized IRR Estimate Demonstrates Potential In Private Marketplace

FundersClub is just a little over 18 months old now. The equity crowdfunding platform for accredited investors has just published its first report on unrealized net Internal Rate of Return (IRR), and the numbers are telling. First, note that FundersClub is realistic about this data;… Read More

Brief: FundersClub Launches “Theme Series” Funds In Three Verticals

FundersClub has announced the launch of the FundersClub Theme Series, a series of managed funds focused on early-stage companies in specific verticals. The first three funds will focus on health & wellness, Bitcoin & payments and hardware. FundersClub is an invite-only equity crowdfunding play. Just last month the… Read More

Venture News: FundersClub’s “Hacker News” For Finance Pros

FundersClub just announced the release of a new social content channel called Venture News. The news aggregator aims to provide a hub of conversation and content for the world of finance. It works similarly to Hacker News, Y-Combinator’s tech news meritocracy. Users can sign up and… Read More

FundersClub’s Boris Silver Shares Tips For Founders Seeking Funding

As a co-founder of FundersClub, Boris Silver knows a thing or two about startups and raising money. The crowdfunding platform has facilitated over $10 million in funding for startups to date. FundersClub is only open to accredited investors. Companies that have secured funding via FundersClub… Read More

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