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Detroit Fintech Association Announces Plans to Make the City a Fintech Hub

The Detroit Fintech Association, an organization created within financial media company Benzinga, announced on Thursday it is now planning to make Detroit as a hub for fintech innovation and to grow the existing culture of technology-driven financial services through a campaign raising awareness of the incredible financial technology hub that… Read More

RocketLoans Moves from Mortgages to Consumer Lending

Rock Holdings, the parent company of Quicken Loans, has  updated its newest brand. RocketLoans, built from the ground up, has migrated from mortgages to personal loans thus making a bigger commit to internet finance.  Consumers may now borrow up to $35,000 with fixed interest rates for… Read More

Digital Progress: Quicken Loans Will Now Allow You to Apply for a Mortgage in Less than 8 Minutes

Buying a house or an apartment is a lot of work. Applying for a mortgage to complete the purchase typically means multiple trips to the broker/bank/realtor etc. Reams of documentation, questions and forms. Fintech startups have been addressing many of the analog challenges by providing… Read More

BoostUp Raises $1 Million in Early Stage Funding

Crowdfunding platform BoostUp has raised $1 Million from Detroit Venture Partners and Cornerstone Opportunity Partners according to a report from PitchBook.  The platform enables users to crowdfund or get “monetary boost” for significant purchases such at automobiles, homes and other major expenses.  The site is… Read More

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