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FlyingV: The Largest Crowdfunding Platform in Asia

Recently during a trip to Southeast Asia I had the opportunity to meet Tim Cheng, CEO of  FlyingV – the largest rewards based crowdfunding platform across all of Asia.  Based in Tapei, Taiwan, FlyingV was launched just over 2 years ago in 2012.  Since that… Read More

On DemoHour: OneCard Is The Chinese “Coin,” Already Fully-Funded

Edit: two cards to rule them all. Coin aims to be the “one card to rule them all,” a credit-card-sized device that can store info from and act as any credit or debit card in the owner’s wallet. The associated crowdfunding campaign is still active… Read More

Chinese Crowdfunding Site FundingDream Preps for Launch

China has a new entrant in the crowdfunding world. FundingDream, now in public beta, is prepping for launch to join several other Asian crowdfunding platforms targeting the enormous market of mainland China.  The site lists offerings in both Chinese and English to support a wider… Read More

Crowdfunding fueling creative projects in China

Selling your dreams to people who have don’t even know you? That’s exactly what’s happening in the Internet age. When Jia Yuhao, the owner of a hostel, thought about furnishing his hostel last year, he posted a fund-raising advertisement on demohour.com. Two months later, he… Read More

Creativity unleashed

Xiang Yao, who raised money for her cancer treatment by selling her comic books at Demohour, passed away on Friday. Photo: Courtesy of Xiang Yao   When high school student Zhang Xiaoyi designed software that allowed a user to control a Macbook laptop simply by gesturing… Read More

Pennies from Heaven

A crowd-funding website, Demohour, helps make dreams come true by helping entrepreneurs raise money, a hundred yuan at a time, Xu Jingxi reports in Guangzhou. When He Feng was a mathematics freshman at Swarthmore College in the United States, a group of warm-hearted old people… Read More

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