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Coinbase to Pay $50 Million Penalty to New York Department of Financial Services (NYDFS)

Coinbase (NASDAQ:COIN) will pay $50 million to the New York Department of Financial Services (NYDFS) to settle a “compliance investigation.” Coinbase has been licensed by the regulator to conduct a virtual currency business and money-transmitting business in the State of New York since 2017. DFS… Read More

Cathie Wood’s ARK Funds have Acquired Additional Shares of Digital Assets Firm Coinbase (COIN), while Selling Tesla Shares

Cathie Wood’s ARK funds has reportedly acquired additional shares of digital assets firm Coinbase Global Inc (NASDAQ:COIN). ARK reportedly made the purchase on Friday (April 16, 2021). The company also sold some of its Tesla (NASDAQ: TSLA) shares. ARK acquired 187,078 shares of Coinbase, which… Read More

Plastc Credit Card Replacement Tech Shuts Down, Considers Bankruptcy Filing

Another credit card replacement company has died. Plastc, a company that raised more than $5 million in 2014 on a presales campaign, posted a backers update stating the company has exhausted all of its options to raise funding it needs to continue. Plastc said it… Read More

Coin Sells to Fitbit. Twilights All Smart Payment Products

Coin, the one smart card that set out to rule them all, has called it a day in attempting to dominate credit card transactions.  In a release published yesterday, FitBit (NYSE:FIT) announced they had acquired the “wearable payment assets of Coin”.  The deal includes all intellectual property… Read More

COIN Tossed Into Class Action Lawsuit by SF Lawfirm

COIN, the one card to rule them all, has been slapped with a class action lawsuit filed by Kronenberger Rosenfeld, a San Francisco-based law firm that specializes in internet, tech and media law.  The suit was filed against COIN alleging they “knowingly marketed a defective product”…. Read More

MasterCard Partners with COIN on Payments with Wearable Tech

COIN, the credit card replacement that stores digital data to streamline payments, has partnered with MasterCard (NYSE: MA) to provide financial transactions with a group of well-known companies selling wearable tech. COIN, now on its 2.0 iteration, will provide both hardware and software which can be… Read More

Brief: Crowd2Fund’s ‘Smart Money’ Investor Coin To Be Revealed At Exclusive Mayfair Launch

Crowd2Fund has developed one of the first crowdfunding coins, “Smart Money,” exclusively for members of the Crowd2Fund Investor Club, according to the company’s press release. It entitles members to receive a coin about the size of a £2 piece which has an RFID (radio frequency identifier) chip… Read More

COIN Boosts Prospects for Credit Card Replacement Device by Embracing EMV

COIN, the “one card to replace them all”, has finally announced its 2.0 version – an improvement in technology that leapfrogs their 1.0 card. COIN ran a super successful pretail crowdfunding campaign by catching the imagination of people interested in leaving their credit/debit cards at… Read More

COIN Universal Credit Card is Shipping to Backers

This one falls under the “Where are they now?” Category. Coin ran an incredibly successful pretail crowdfunding campaign in the Fall of 2013. It really made sense  then: a single card to replace all of your cards that a person typically lugs around in their… Read More

COIN is Now Shipping Beta Cards to Early Backers

  COIN, a digital currency card that wowed the masses with a hugely popular pretail crowdfunding campaign that was partnered with a super cool pitch video, is now shipping beta cards to early backers.  In a tweet from the COIN twitter account the company verified… Read More

Plastc Hits Over $5.2 Million in Presales for Digital Wallet Card

Plastc Claims Record First Week of Pretail Campaign Selling over $5.2 Million in Secure Digital Cards Plastc, creator of the digital wallet Plastc Card, has revealed the success of its preorder crowdfunding campaign. In the first week of launch, Plastc sold over $5.2 million of… Read More

Crowdfunding Platform Tilt Launches Pre-Order Tool; Delivers Hosted Payments & Processing

Earlier this week, crowdfunding platform Tilt announced the official launch of Tilt/Open Pre-Orders. It is considered the easiest way to turn any website, such as static, WordPress, Squarespace, SpaceCraft, or any other, into an online store, taking pre-orders, all by dropping in two lines of… Read More

Plastc Card Banks on Ongoing Need for Physical Card for Payments

Plastc Card wants to replace your wallet with a single digital credit card and they are upping the competition to first mover COIN.  Plastc recently launched a pretail campaign to fund their high tech plastic and they are betting that Apple Pay won’t swamp the… Read More

Perspective: Permanent Crowdfunding and Sustainable Growth

Indiegogo recently announced the launch of a new pilot program called Forever Funding  that will allow campaigners to raise money indefinitely, a sort of never ending crowdfunding round. If the rewards campaign closes with a successful result the platform gives the organizer the opportunity to… Read More

Did Apple Pay Kill COIN?

Apple Pay was announced by CEO Tim Cook with much fanfare during his break out “one more thing” presentation delivering new iPhones and the much anticipated Apple Watch.  Apple Pay is no where near as sexy as new hardware but it exemplifies the expanding reach… Read More

COIN Issues Apology to Disappointed Backers

COIN, the one card to control them all, experienced a bit of a marketing stumble this past week as they announced the full launch of the COIN card would be delayed until 2015.  In the lightening speed space of technology many backers were quick to… Read More

Coin Delays Full Launch Until 2015

According to several reports, Coin – the one card to replace them all- has delayed complete launch until next year. COIN released a wildly popular product as part of pretail crowdfunding campaign.  A witty pitch video, that went viral, described a product that most people… Read More

COIN CEO Kanishk Parashar Gives Live Demo (Video)

Kanishk Parashar hit the stages of Disrupt this week to demonstrate COIN: The One Card to Replace Them All. COIN ran a spectacular self crowdfunding campaign that hit their initial “goal” of raising $50,000 within minutes of launch. The pretail campaign continued to offer presales… Read More

Wareness: The Masters of Hardware Crowdfunding

Wareness.io is a studio division of VSC, a global PR firm based in San Francisco.  Wareness came about as a type of epiphany on the power of crowdfunding in creating a successful hardware product. Founded by Vijay Chattha, VSC (or Visibility, Strategy, Creativity) is one… Read More

On DemoHour: OneCard Is The Chinese “Coin,” Already Fully-Funded

Edit: two cards to rule them all. Coin aims to be the “one card to rule them all,” a credit-card-sized device that can store info from and act as any credit or debit card in the owner’s wallet. The associated crowdfunding campaign is still active… Read More

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