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LendInvest Launches “Automatic Decisions in Principle” (DiP) in Platform Update

Property finance platform LendInvest has added automatic decisions in principle (DiP) in its latest platform update, according to a note from the firm. The goal is to streamline the financing process for residential mortgages further. LendInvest says that the DiP process is applicable for applications… Read More

Gotta Dash! New Partnerships with Coincards.ca, SugarTrends, Bit2Me & Introducing New DIP-5 Blockchain Users

During the past week, Dash, a digital currency for payments and e-commerce, announced an integration with CoinCards.ca, Germany-based SugarTrends, Spain-based Bit2Me and a new DIP. Canadian-based Coincards.ca, one of the few retail gift card companies specializing in cryptocurrency as a form of payment, company allows customers to… Read More

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