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LendInvest Partners with Pepper UK to Service All Loans

LendInvest and Pepper UK have formed a partnership where Pepper UK will take all responsibility for servicing all new loans originated on the LendInvest platform. Effectively, LendInvest has outsourced its entire loan servicing part of the business. The agreement should allow LendInvest to focus more… Read More

LendInvest Syndicates £12 Million Property Loan in Platform First

LendInvest, an alternative property lender, has partnered with Merseyside Pension Fund to finance a loan secured against a development site in Canary Wharf. The £12 million deal was originated by LendInvest and syndicated with Merseyside Pension fund. The syndication was a first for the online… Read More

LendInvest Advocates Government Policy Change: “The UK Risks Losing Another Generation of Property Entrepreneurs”

LendInvest, an online property finance marketplace, is demanding the government to revise its treatment of small and medium-sized property investment and development companies. Noting that four in five SMEhouse builders have disappeared since last housebuilding boom, LendInvest is calling on the government to recognize the… Read More

Housing Whitepaper: Government Actions May Boost Online Lenders

The Housing Market is broken in the UK. The demand / supply imbalance has driven up prices of residential property not just in London but across the UK.  While good for sellers, buyers have struggled.  The UK government has recognized the economic challenge and has… Read More

LendInvest Responds to the UK Government’s Modern Industrial Strategy

Last week, UK Prime Minister Theresa May unveiled a modern Industrial Strategy proposal to help build on the country’s strengths and take on its weaknesses. Prime Minister May explained: “The modern Industrial Strategy will back Britain for the long-term: creating the conditions where successful businesses… Read More

Comments on Theresa May’s Modern Industrial Strategy: I Believe the Government Will Succeed in Making the Country the ‘Global Britain’

Yesterday, Prime Minister Theresa May revealed her vision for a modern industrial strategy for the UK. The policy proposal was released during her first regional cabinet meeting. May is engaged in a tight-rope walk of policy as she manages ramifications of Brexit while crafting an… Read More

P2P-Banking’s Lehmann: Predictions for 2017 (Infographic)

The following table from P2P-Banking.com shows loan originations in P2P lending marketplaces during December 2016, with Funding Circle (114.1M) significantly leading Ratesetter (68.2M euro), Zopa (60.2 M euro) and LendInvest (24.9M euro). Lendix reports an all time record month at 7.7 million euros in loan origination…. Read More

Online Property Lender LendInvest to Launch Auction Finance Product

Online lender for short-term property finance LendInvest, will launch a new auction finance product to help brokers and borrowers prepare for the forthcoming 2017 auctions. The auction finance product is designed for borrowers that need their deals to be fast-tracked by their lender. Matthew Tooth,… Read More

LendInvest Announces Four New Dates For Property Development Academy Course

LendInvest, a leading online mortgage lender in the UK, announced last week new dates for its Property Development Academy course. According to the LendInvest team, interest in the lender’s first Property Development Academy course was impressively large, with 200 people applying for the 25 slot…. Read More

LendInvest Shares Speaker Line-Up for First Property Development Academy

LendInvest, a leading online mortgage lender in the UK, has announced the speaker line-up for the inaugural Property Development Academy course, scheduled for today and tomorrow (November 11th & 12th).  LendInvest announced this new initiative this past fall as a way to help small developers… Read More

Brief: LendInvest Named Best Short Term Lender At NACFB Awards

Online commercial mortgage marketplace lender, LendInvest, announced it was named Best Short Term Lender at the NACFB Awards. The fourth annual event was held last week at the Park Plaza Hotel on Westminster Bridge in London and recognized companies in the lending industry.  Sharing details about… Read More

Report: UK P2P Property Lending Delivers Returns from 2.25% to 12.7%

Independent ratings agency 4thWay is out with an interesting report on the peer to peer property lending market in the UK.  This sector of alternative finance has been very popular due to the asset class and the solid returns. Even in light of Brexit turmoil,… Read More

LendInvest Announces New Dates For Property Development Academy

Online commercial mortgage marketplace lender, LendInvest, announced on Wednesday it is now offering dates for a second London course for its Property Development Academy as a way to accommodate some of the applicants who were not included in the first Academy course. This second course… Read More

Christian Faes Announces LendInvest’s Investment Platform Latest Updates (Video)

Following the release of LendInvest’s latest financial results, co-founder Christian Fae announced the investment platform’s latest updates. Faes also revealed more details about the platform’s growth and development: “We built an online investment platform where people could invest their money in property loans, hand-picking their… Read More

Brief: LendInvest Appoints Willem Wellinghoff As New VP of Compliance

Online commercial mortgage marketplace lender, LendInvest, announced on Thursday it appointed Willem Wellinghoff as its new VP of Compliance. Wellinghoff will reportedly be responsible for leading the compliance function, setting and maintaining LendInvest’s compliance and risk management strategy. According to LendInvest, Willem has served as a… Read More

LendInvest Reports Profit Alongside 133% Revenue Increase

Online commercial mortgage marketplace lender LendInvest has released financial results and for the 3rd year running has reported a profit of £3.4 million. The company also stated that revenue rose 133% in the 12 months ending in March 2016. Gross revenue hit £32 million versus… Read More

Property Development Academy: LendInvest to Help Small Developers Build More Homes

LendInvest, an online mortgage marketplace that has facilitated over £740 million in financing, has launched the “first” Property Development Academy in an attempt to boost construction of new homes. The UK has had supply challenges for housing for some time now. Of course, the result… Read More

LendInvest Names Sunderland Top Postcode Area For Landlords Letting Properties to Students

On Thursday, online mortgage lender LendInvest unveiled its latest Buy-to-Let Index, which revealed that England’s Sunderland is the top postcode area for landlords who are letting properties to students.  The report observed specifically at 2016 average rental yields, the most important factor for landlords letting to students, in postcode areas… Read More

Bank of England Cuts Rates: Alternative Finance Leaders Respond

  The Bank of England (BoE) has cut its benchmark rate by 0.25% – the first time in 7 years. The pound quickly moved lower reacting to the announcement. The move was telegraphed several weeks back in reaction to Brexit fallout. The interest rate cut… Read More

Brexit: LendInvest Index Says “Leave” Towns are Best to Invest

LendInvest, an online peer to peer marketplace for commercial real estate loans, has published its quarterly research index deciphering the UK property market. According to their data, the UK Buy-to-Let Market, the top rental markets are areas where voters overwhelmingly voted for Brexit. Reflecting on the… Read More