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Rapyd, the Fintech as a Service Provider, Appoints Dr. Shlomit Wagman as Global Chief Regulation and Compliance Officer

Rapyd, the global Fintech-as-a-Service provider, today announced the appointment of Dr. Shlomit Wagman, former Director-General of the Israel Money Laundering and Terror Financing Prohibition Authority (IMPA), Head of the Israeli Delegation to the FATF, Chair of the FATF operational working group, and a Harvard-affiliated scholar,… Read More

Fintech Firms are Being Denied Entry into Israeli Markets by Banks, the Competition Authority Claims

The Israel Competition Authority, which is tasked with maintaining and promoting competition in the nation’s economy, has released a report in which it notes that traditional banks think Fintech firms are their rivals and are attempting to block or prevent their entry into the Israeli… Read More

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