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Real Estate Tech Firm Clear Capital Streamlines Appraisals for LenderX via AURA

Clear Capital, the national real estate valuation technology company, announced a partnership with LenderX, a real-estate valuations SaaS provider, “to deliver its lenders access to AURA, Clear Capital’s automated collateral underwriting solution.” LenderX is the first Clear Capital partner “to provide lenders with access to… Read More

Real Estate Valuation Tech Firm Clear Capital Announces ClearInsight+ to Support Freddie Mac’s ACE+ PDR Solution

Clear Capital, a national real estate valuation technology company, has announced the launch of ClearInsight+, a technology-enabled set of valuation products “to support Freddie Mac’s ACE+ PDR (automated collateral evaluation plus property data report), a new offering for certain loan types.” Freddie Mac began offering… Read More

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