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Algbra Reportedly Becomes UK’s First FCA Authorized ESG, Sharia-Compliant Fintech to Gain B Corp Status

Algbra, the global ethical and Sharia-compliant technology platform with its UK finance app, has been awarded B Corp status “after demonstrating its credentials of the highest ESG standards.” This reportedly makes Algbra one of the few financial institutions in the UK “to achieve this status,… Read More

Sustainability: Wolters Kluwer Introduces TeamMate+ ESG

Providing easy access to essential ESG reporting standards enables auditors “to provide assurance over ESG reporting.” Wolters Kluwer Corporate Performance & ESG (CP & ESG) (EURONEXT: WKL) has “added ESG standards, tailored to support Internal Audit workflow and practices, to its cloud-based TeamMate+ global audit… Read More

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