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Digital Asset Firm Gemini Makes it Easier to Participate in Solana (SOL) Ecosystem

This summer, Gemini is making it easier for users to participate in the Solana ecosystem with Gemini’s Solana Summer fee promotion. Starting on July 1, 2022, the digital asset firm is “offering free USD trades to ActiveTrader and API (FIX and REST) users on the… Read More

Oops. Fat Finger Error Causes BlockFi to Send 700 Bitcoin to Clients Instead of GUSD. One Customer Became a Millionaire for 3 Hours

BlockFi, a top digital asset firm, made a significant distribution error yesterday when it transferred 700 Bitcoin to clients instead of sending GUSD (Gemini Dollar). In a series of Tweets, BlockFi outlined the mistake sharing that much of the crypto had been returned and they… Read More

Morgan Creek Digital’s Jason Williams Earned Over $200,000 in Interest after Depositing $2.5 Million in Gemini USD with BlockFi

Jason “Parabolic” Williams, general partner at Morgan Creek Digital and founder of FastMed Urgent Care, recently revealed that he has made over $200,000 in interest alone after depositing $2.5 million in Gemini USD (a “scalable” stablecoin that has 1:1 “transferability” with the US dollar) on… Read More

Blockchain Payments Provider BitPay Introduces Settlement in Stable Coins

Global blockchain payments provider BitPay announced on Monday it is now offering the option for merchants to receive settlement in Circle and the CENTRE USD//Coin (USDC) and the Gemini Dollar (GUSD), which are both stablecoins pegged to the U.S. Dollar. According to BitPay, merchants and businesses around the world can accept… Read More

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