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IBM Survey Reveals Differences Between Bank and Customer Priorities

The IBM Institute for Business Value, in collaboration with the Banking Industry Architecture Network and Red Hat, this week released findings from a new global study that reveals significant gaps between the stated priorities of surveyed banking executives and the customers they serve. The research… Read More

Standards Association BIAN Develops “Coreless Banking” Concept Advancing Financial Tech Solutions

BIAN, the independent not-for-profit standards association, has announced the third iteration of its ‘Coreless Banking’ initiative, an API-based services architecture designed to resolve the challenges banks face with interoperability. Coreless Banking 3.0 builds “upon BIAN’s second iteration of its coreless banking model developed in 2021,… Read More

BIAN Introduces Open-Source Specification Tool to Accelerate Digital Transformation

BIAN, the “independent” not-for-profit association, recently announced its Open-Source Specification tool. Through its Open-Source offering, organizations now “have access to a set of message definitions made freely available for modification and redistribution.” The tool has been “developed to further BIAN’s CORELESS BANKING INITIATIVE, which aims… Read More

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