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DLT Adoption: COFRA Holding Joins Hedera Governing Council

The Hedera Governing Council, which stewards the Hedera open source, leaderless proof-of-stake public network, announced that COFRA Holding has joined the Governing Council. COFRA is “a 182-year-old family enterprise with more than 60,000 employees and business activities in sectors including real estate investment, sustainable food,… Read More

Dell Technologies Joins Hedera Governing Council to Help Automate Distributed Ledger Technology

The Hedera Governing Council announced Dell Technologies is the latest company to join the Council “to help organizations explore distributed ledger technology (DLT).” As an active member of the Hedera Council and network, Dell will “gain experience with the opportunities provided by the rising technology… Read More

Hedera Announces New Executives, Including Former Meta Exec, Capitol Hill Veteran

The Hedera Governing Council has announced new executives joining their team, each with interesting backgrounds. Hedera is the entity that leads the open-source Hedera network, a blockchain technology that aims to solve many of the challenges of competing distributed ledger technologies. According to a note… Read More

Coupon Bureau, an Industry-Managed Data Exchange Tech Provider, to Use Hedera Hashgraph Service to Maintain Tamper-Proof Log for Coupon Events

The Coupon Bureau (TCB), a non-profit, industry managed coupon data exchange technology provider, will be using the Hedera Hashgraph Service, developed by Hedera Hashgraph, a decentralized public network, in order to provide a real-time, “tamper-proof” log for all coupon events that take place on its… Read More

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