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Crowdfunding Twinkies involves Opportunism and Distraction

It seems as though every major news story is now followed by a crowdfunding story attempting to ride those coattails.  The Hostess bankruptcy is a good example. I’m obviously a big believer in crowdfunding.  I am a believer in what it is now and I am… Read More

The Fight to Buy Hostess: Main Street vs. Wall Street

Of the two thousand Hostess Brands documents filed in the last year with the U.S. Bankruptcy Court, it’s one of the most recent ones — a handwritten, five-page letter on loose-leaf notebook paper — that stands out the most. In document #1890, Don Sheridan of… Read More

Crowd funding for Hostess could lift eRaise’s visibility

With 18,500 jobs caught up in the liquidation of Irving, Texas-based Hostess Inc., a group of local entrepreneurs’ crowd funding concept could offer help to the employees who may soon find themselves without work. The group also hopes to make a statement about the new… Read More

Can CrowdFunding Save Hostess?

 PRNewswire — As Hostess Brands, the makers of Twinkie and other snack foods, headed to bankruptcy court last week to begin liquidation plans, a group of southeast Michigan entrepreneurs are proposing to put the power to the people to save this 82-year-old iconic company, and… Read More

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