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Don’t Make Investors Buy Crowdfunded Securities, Let Them

The Economist recently took note of Amanda Palmer’s viral TED video where she outlines how she has funded her music throughout her career by building relationships with an increasingly large and affectionate crowd following.  The Economist has noticed Ms. Palmer’s fundraising activities before after she successfully used a crowdfunding project to… Read More

Avoid Those Urging Startups To “Get Ready For Investment Crowdfunding Now”

In May of last year, the month following passage of the JOBS Act, I warned startups to watch the hypsters who were urging startups to sign up on portals and get ready for investment crowdfunding.  I pointed out that these would-be investment portals were far more interested… Read More

Investment Crowdfunding: Small Business Capital “Blackhole” Trumps “Fiscal Cliff”

They missed the deadline.  We knew they would.  They knew the deadline was coming for months and months but they did nothing but offer platitudes.  They knew what the stakes were for a fragile recovery.  They placed another self-inflicted wound on the economy anyhow.  It… Read More

Crowdfunding Twinkies involves Opportunism and Distraction

It seems as though every major news story is now followed by a crowdfunding story attempting to ride those coattails.  The Hostess bankruptcy is a good example. I’m obviously a big believer in crowdfunding.  I am a believer in what it is now and I am… Read More

And Now for the SEC Update on Investment Crowdfunding . . . Bueller . . . Bueller . . . Bueller . . .

Well, after the SEC’s much anticipated Annual Government-Business Forum on Small Business Capital Formation yesterday, I’d hoped to post something of value regarding the state of the SEC’s effort to write the rules necessary for Title II and Title III crowdfunding.  After all, there was a… Read More

CrowdFundCast: Sweden, Austin, Vegas and RAMPANT SPECULATION!

Hello! It has been a while since our last episode, but that is because we have been so busy traveling around talking about crowdfunding. In this podcast we finally get the whole gang in one room to talk about their experiences with traveling to Sweden… Read More

Mark Mohler: One-size Fits All Crowdfunding Offering Terms Will Not Work

Mark Mohler, who launched Sprigster in February 2012, has some poignant insights for other crowdfunding platforms that may be overzealous in trying to standardize offering structure in the space. Some would-be equity-based crowdfunding portals intend to permit listing companies do only a single form of offering.  Whether… Read More

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