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Brief: Quincy Jones’ Kickstarter-Funded Standup Special Gets HBO Premiere Date

Last month, terminally ill comedian, Quincy Jones, received news from talk show host, Ellen DeGeneres, that his Kickstarter-backed standup special is set to air on HBO. The crowdfunding initiative was launched by Quincy’s friend and fellow comedian Nicole Blaine alongside her husband Mickey Blaine. It secured $50,273 from 1,204 backers. Now, HBO… Read More

Give To Cure Debuts #RememberWhen Initiative to Spark Memories for Alzheimer’s Patients

On Wednesday, Give To Cure launched #RememberWhen, a new social media campaign that gives Alzheimer’s patients and their families new hope by uniting friends, communities and caregivers to aid in bringing memories back while creating an everlasting “digital memory bank.” Throughout the year, conversations with loved ones… Read More

Supporters Hit GoFundMe to Raise Funds For New Yorker Battling Mysterious Illness

Earlier this month, a friend of Warsaw, New York resident, Holly Todd, launched a crowdfunding campaign on GoFundMe to raise $50,000 so she may receive proper treatment against a mysterious illness she acquired on missions trip to Haiti earlier this year. According to the campaign’s creator, Justin Jones,… Read More

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